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Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram: it is a regular portion of news on social networks. Our people, studies, surveys, career opportunities, videos, presentations in the media and just about everything about how we live in Deloitte. Follow us, join the discussion, and be in the picture.

Deloitte is online. And you can be a part of it.

Linkedin – Deloitte Czech Republic
An overview of vacancies, interesting facts, our professionals and their work.

Twitter – @deloittecz
A brief overview of reports providing an idea of where we are, what we do and what we plan to do.

Facebook – Deloitte Czech Republic
News from life in Deloitte. Let´s discuss with us what´s happening inside our company. Ask questions about what you are interested in.

Youtube – Deloitte Czech Republic
Go through our videos, have a look at us, get to know our pros and their work.

Instagram – @deloittecz
Deloitte in pictures.

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