Cloud Engineering

Simplify your possibilities with managed cloud operations


Business and technology relentlessly propel each other forward. Cloud technologies have quickened that process, facilitating a continuous process of iterative change that can lead to competitive leaps. In this environment, market disruption is possible any day, every day. ​

The only question is: Will you be the one to disrupt, or will you be disrupted?​


Some see cloud as technology. At Deloitte, we see it  as possibility — the power to put insight at the heart of your business, the agility to put invention into the hands of your people, and the speed to delight your customers. ​

Deloitte will help you to overcome barriers on your way to the Cloud. We analyse existing IT ecosystems, design and create optimal scenarios, design transformations into the cloud environment, and finally recommend optimal cloud providers.​


  • Reduce cost of physical infrastructure by contracting for the service from a third-party provider.​
  • Access to updated applications and setup.​
  • Scalability – As requirements grow, the cloud can expand.​
  • Higher productivity and capability to quickly adjust business processes, which has a major impact on a company’s gross income​

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Donovan Spronk

Donovan Spronk

Partner AI & Data | AWS Alliance Lead CE

Donovan is a Partner in the Consulting department and Leader of the AI & Data team within Deloitte in the Czech Republic. Donovan leads the AWS Alliance in CE, which brings the joint power of Deloitte... More