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How can I increase performance of my sales network?

Customer Acquisition

Where should I open my points of sale (branches)? Which acquisition channels are the most effective for my business? How can I increase the performance of my sales network? Are there any leads, which I am not using at the moment? Those are the typical challenges we have observed among organisations.

How can Deloitte Analytics help in this area?

We can improve acquisition by looking into the geographical dimension. We can identify the most valuable locations in terms of where your potential customers live, where they work and where they travel. We can work on the street level, which is almost as if we provided new leads. The assets we have for it is Price Maps, Census Data and Branch Network Optimisation.


Donovan Spronk

Donovan Spronk

Partner AI & Data | AWS Alliance Lead CE

Donovan is a Partner in the Consulting department and Leader of the AI & Data team within Deloitte in the Czech Republic. Donovan leads the AWS Alliance in CE, which brings the joint power of Deloitte... More