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Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your story is being challenged. Whether you are facing a litigation, arbitration or an internal investigation, the opposing party will look closely for flaws in your story.​

The data to confirm your story usually comes from many different sources, which are voluminous in nature. This makes it very difficult to manage, and the time constraints leave very little room for error. ​

The consequences of not having a sound, defensible story can lead to serious financial, reputational and legal jeopardy.​


eDiscovery is a process of identifying, collecting and managing electronically stored information, especially where a rigorous approach is required to ensure the information extracted is complete, unaltered and correct. It allows for data from many different sources (mobile phones, personal computers, company servers, hardcopy documents) to be aggregated in one platform. ​

Deloitte uses processes and technologies that have been tried and tested on some of the biggest court cases in the past decade. This ensures that each individual piece of the story can be traced back to its source. It makes it very difficult to challenge.​


  • Advanced analytical and visualization techniques used to construct the story ​
  • Data from various sources is collected and managed in one platform which reduces the time and effort needed to review it ​
  • Each piece of information is traced back to its source to avoid misinformation or corruption of data ​

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Donovan Spronk

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