Electronic Data Discovery (eDiscovery)

Securely and efficiently managing collected data

Deloitte Discovery professionals deliver solutions to the complex electronic discovery challenges our clients face using our state of the art facilities and technology. We collaborate with our clients to assist with the preservation, collection, processing, hosting and production of data subject to discovery.


Efficiently identifying and collecting data and documents to meet discovery demands.

  • Forensically sound collection methodologies
  • Covert collection capability
  • Computer Forensics, including mobile devices
  • Cloud Discovery
  • Network based physical and logical collections
  • Global reach with over 225 computer forensic specialists
  • Early case assessment assistance
  • Predictive coding for most efficient review


Securely and efficiently reducing collected data to a manageable set for review.

  • Multi-lingual capability with support for over 100 languages and 1,000 content formats
  • Advanced search capability with concept-based clustering and visualisation of data; advanced analytics (social networking, message tracing, time-line analysis)
  • Foreign language translation and OCR
  • High-availability, fault tolerant architecture


Providing clients and legal counsels with a secure online collaborative environment for legal review.

  • Secure, web-based access via two-factor authentication
  • Multi-lingual search and display
  • Concept-based search and clustering
  • Tiff-on-the-fly capability
  • Full redaction, highlighting, and annotation
  • Extensive reporting
  • Flexible support


Accurate, on-time production of data in multiple formats.

  • Native, Tiff or mixed mode productions
  • Bates numbering and endorsements
  • Full support for redactions and highlights


Donovan Spronk

Donovan Spronk

Partner AI & Data | AWS Alliance Lead CE

Donovan is a Partner in the Consulting department and Leader of the AI & Data team within Deloitte in the Czech Republic. Donovan leads the AWS Alliance in CE, which brings the joint power of Deloitte... More