Are you aware of the true extent of fraud happening at your organisation?

Fraud Risk Assessment

An online, yet fully private and secure, survey solution which can be customised to an organisation’s specific requirements and allows for anonymous employee input regarding perceptions in respect of matters relating to fraud, theft, corruption and the organisation’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to such irregularities.

Organisational Assessment

  1. Are you aware of the true extent of fraud happening at your organisation?
  2. Do you know company leadership may be prosecuted for an offense committed by an employee of the company (when committed as part of the work tasks) or even by not preventing this from happening?
  3. Are your employees aware of your company policy?
  4. How are you communicating your company policy to your employees?
  5. Are your employees able to highlight fraud risks anonymously?


Examples of business issues that can be addressed using this tool include:

  • A fraud health check, employee satisfaction evaluation,
  • An on-line test and examination tool to assess staff understanding of company policies and procedures and create awareness of new processes within a company (such as a tip-off line)
  • Helps monitor and improve an effective staff understanding of the organisations’ policies and procedures
  • Gauges the level of awareness of the reporting structure and highlights irregularities
  • Facilitates the creation of awareness of the organisation’s policies and procedures, such as those relating to fraud


Jan Balatka

Jan Balatka


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