Location Intelligence in Business

Are you dealing with questions of where to locate a new branch, in which area to target new customers, or how to optimise business in the context of the space? We are happy to help you!

We specialise in the field of analytics, working with business data and geodata on map bases. To put it simply, we deal with visualisations of different data tiers on a map. This approach can be applied to any industry and tailored to the exact client requirements.

Location Intelligence helps you uncover patterns, look at complex relationships, and understand the business in the context of the space so that you can make data-driven decisions.

Combining internal client data, external data, and Deloitte data, Location Intelligence can reveal more than a combination of a “flat” Business Intelligence (BI) solution. In fact, the answers to the most important questions are best answered by putting the relevant data in the context of the space.

We can help you find answers to questions such as:
  • Where to open a new branch?
  • Which branches to reduce to optimise the network?
  • What is the customer satisfaction with the products regarding the distribution in the space?
  • How to optimise supply routes?
  • How to optimise the energy network in each location for higher efficiency and lower costs?
  • How to visualise the fleet in real time? (real-time monitoring)
  • How to identify new business partners?
  • How to assess the territory for entry of a new service or product into a new region?
  • Where to target the next marketing campaign with respect to the sought socio-demographic attributes of the population?
What we perceive as the main benefits you can achieve with this solution:
  • potential for additional revenue in the form of new opportunities, new customers, etc.;
  • a clear overview of the business through the effective use of geographic data or real-time insight;
  • potential cost savings and greater efficiency in optimising your business;
  • supporting data-driven decision-making or digital transformation using a combination of client data and geodata.
How can we approach these questions?
  • solving a specific problem or answering a specific question about their business (e.g. finding the best location to open a new branch);
  • a solution as a tool for internal analysis, or training of the client’s analysts.

The most used technology is ArcGIS – the map data can be your own or obtained from external sources (e.g. Esri), but extended visualisation tools such as the aforementioned Tableau Software or Microsoft Power BI are also employable.

Location Intelligence - The business of Where

Useable across various sectors

Financial Services

  • Risk assessment
  • Investment analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Geomarketing
  • Consumer profiling

Cities and Governments

  • Smart cities
  • Open data
  • Citizen services
  • Public safety
  • Urban planning


  • Identifying suitable locations
  • Supply chain design
  • Consumer behaviour analysis

Real Estate

  • Investment analysis
  • Optimisation of real estate prices
  • Data monetisation

Transport and Logistics

  • Mobility planning
  • Area management
  • Fleet management and monitoring

Healthcare and Pharmacy

  • Area management
  • Factor analysis in healthcare
  • Supply chain design


  • Network optimisation
  • Data monetisation
  • Reducing customer outflow
  • Geomarketing

Energy Sector

  • Establishing infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Area management
  • Reducing customer outflow
  • Visibility analysis


  • Mapping and assessment
  • Remote sensing
  • Precision agriculture


  • Environmental management
  • Risk assessment
  • Remote sensing

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