Process Analytics


Process Analytics

Digital Process Twin – Tangible Impact on Business Processes

The ever-growing complexity of business operation poses tremendous challenges for process transparency. Due to the anxiety of obtaining a competitive operation in the digital age, many companies conduct process optimization and transformation even without having a clear picture of the current state. This often leads to wrong strategies and high costs of failure. Deloitte Center of Process Bionics helps you creating a 360° transparency of your business processes, a solid first step on your journey of Process Excellence 4.0.

How do we create Transparency of your business processes?

A large amount of business processes leave their digital footprints in your IT systems (e.g. time-stamps of activities). At Center of Process Bionics, we reconstruct your actual End-to-End processes. Using the state-of-the-art Process Mining Technology of our software partner Celonis, we are able to give you a process transparency and control of your business operation. 

Key functions of our Process Analysis and Control Dashboard:

  • End-to-End actual process visualization
  • Process status on transactional level
  • Process conformity check with plan vs. actual deviation report
  • Insights of systematic and individual process bottlenecks
  • Interactive drill-down function for root-cause analyses
  • Multi-dimensional and dynamic KPI-Analyses
  • Benchmarking of business processes
  • Process automation overview

What are the next steps beyond Transparency?

Based on the data- and fact-driven insights from both top-down and bottom-up perspective, we help you define the right process optimization measures to tackle different process bottlenecks or support your digitalization strategy. Together with our business and industry experts, we help you realize the impact in terms of operational efficiency, cost savings and compliance.

Besides implementing the optimization measures, we train your functional teams to use the Process Analyses and Control dashboards to track your optimization results. In that way, we help your organization to continuously challenge and to improve the daily business operation.

How can you start?

Our agile service offering provides you an easy start on your process excellence journey step by step.

  • Proof-of-Value provides a thorough understanding of the vast potential of Process Mining based on your own existing data
  • Process Diagnostics yields highly-quantified and actionable improvement measures targeted at substantial impact and a fast return
  • Continuous Evolution embeds process bionics into the DNA of your organization, striving for holistic and continuous process optimization
What is the Center of Process Bionics?

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