Deloitte and Flowbox Platform

Smart energy management for the reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint

Wondering how to achieve energy savings in an intelligent and efficient way? Meet the smart solution by Deloitte and Flowbox that offers a complex end-to-end solution for smart energy management for residential and administrative buildings, commercial and industrial facilities. It will enable you to have your energy and emissions under control.

Whether you operate a factory, wholesale operation or office building, you are certainly trying to gather insight into your energy consumption. Deloitte offers an analytical solution to the software platform Flowbox that allows you to integrate and analyse data from IoT sensors and energy resources. It constitutes an advanced tool for energy management in buildings or industrial companies with ISO 50001 certification. 

Thanks to advanced data analytics, data enrichment and a robust and scalable platform for data acquisition, this solution enables real-time centralised data monitoring of sensors from various vendors, regardless of their type, to unlock energy savings and carbon footprint reduction. 

At the same time, it allows for a better interpretation of operational energy data and predictions of future behaviour, enabling proactive and fully autonomous control and optimisation of energy flows, including operational technologies using personalised strategies. The modular architecture of our solution offers the option to expand monitoring and reporting to multiple production plants or a higher number of buildings. The Flowbox Platform provides simple integration of elements of the modern power industry, such as electric vehicles, renewable sources and battery storages, and their optimization within a single ecosystem.


Together, we guide our clients to improved energy efficiency: from solution design, sensor installations and deployment of the software solution for data acquisition through automated operational data analytics that bring initial energy savings all the way to optimal autonomous energy flow management.

Our team, with years of experience in implementing advanced software solutions for the energy sector, closely cooperates with colleagues from the fields of sustainability and business intelligence. This allows us to offer a complex, vertically integrated solution that includes assistance with the set-up and fulfilment of your sustainability strategy.

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Romana Adamčiková

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Raduz Morsztyn

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