European Powers of Construction

Overview of Major European Construction Concerns in Terms of Various Financial Indicators

European Powers of Construction (EPoC) is an annual publication produced by Deloitte and distributed to its clients and partners. In each edition of European Powers of Construction, we examine the performance of the major listed European construction groups in terms of revenue, market capitalisation, internationalisation, diversification, indebtedness and other financial ratios.


In 2016, the largest construction companies reported a decrease in total sales (of 2%) and market capitalisation (of 5%). Among the Top 50, 24 companies managed to increase total revenue, with Vinci, ACS and Bouygues leading the ranking. In terms of both sales and market capitalisation, France remains in first place as in previous years. Ireland and Sweden recorded an increase in investment; on the contrary, Poland and Czech Republic reported a decrease of 8 to 13%.

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Last year, total construction investment in the EU amounted to EUR 1,434 billion, which is 5% higher than in 2014. The three largest construction markets in Europe are Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Having generated revenues of EUR 38.518 billion, the top position was again retained by the French VINCI group last year.

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The twelfth edition of European Powers of Construction examines the performance of the major listed European construction groups in terms of revenue, market capitalisation, internationalisation, diversification, indebtedness and other financial ratios.

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After five years of continuous contraction, the European Commission predicts the sector will see a return to moderate growth in 2014, and a full recovery may not be far off. Meanwhile, a number of developer economies continue to invest heavily in renewing and adapting their aging infrastructure to the latest quality, efficiency and sustainability standards. 

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Despite the continuous economic recession in the EU, which has had a major impact on the development of the construction industry for five years, the European powers of construction succeeded in increasing their total revenues by 7% in 2012, achieving EUR 335.5 billion.

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