Multibanking solution for online customer identification and income verification

Take advantage of an external system to easily identify new customers without building your own solution. Focus on your business. Let us identify your clients and verify their income and expenses online.

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  • Multibanking

    Do you need to identify new customers online and do not know how?

    ADEL, as a multibanking solution, is supporting 15 banks in Czech Republic and 6 banks in Slovakia, making it the solution with the most extensive bank support.


    Do you need data for risk assessment?

    Getting transaction history and verifying incomes and expenses has never been easier. Our ADEL solution can download and analyze client's transaction history even from multiple accounts of different banks at once. With our analytical team you can also define specific rules (for example if you recognize social benefits or alimony as income sources).


    Do I need to become a licensed partner?

    Deloitte's licenced multibanking solution ADEL can be also used by unlicensed entities.

  • UX process

    How to design a simple process that does not discourage the client and makes him complete it?

    We always prepare the onboarding process with regard to user experience comfort of a customer. We focus on clarity, intelligibility and simplicity.

  • Compliance

    Which legal requirements need to be met and what does the compliance department require?

    In order to ensure that our solution is in accordance with compliance requirements, we work closely with Deloitte Legal. The whole process is therefore optimized with respect to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Act to ensure that online loan providing and drawing is carried out in accordance with the regulations.


    How to ensure that an identification payment, payment for services, products and more are made?

    Our ADEL solution allows to make a payment from any account of the 13 supported banks. We will also advise you on how to identify the account holder with such a payment.

Customer journey Onboarding customer journey

General information from applicant

Obtaining the general information of the applicant which is neccesary to start the process
General information from applicant

Identity verification

Using PSD2 interface and strong client authentication for „activation payment„
Identity verification

Getting information

Obtaining the information necessary to perform AML verification and repayment capacity based on identity and transaction history
Getting information

Analysis performance

Analysis of transaction history
Analysis performance

Completion of client establishment

Client completion and possibility of drawing a loan
Completion of client establishment


Ivo Apetauer Ivo Apetauer Senior Manager
Pavel Siska Pavel Šiška Managing Partner