Protect your creativity!


A comprehensive solution to protect your intellectual property

Protect your creativity!

These days, intellectual property often represents a bigger part of a company’s value than its tangible assets. Despite this fact, companies devote less attention to its protection than it deserves. The product dVinci from the manufacture of Deloitte Legal will allow you to better monetise your unique ideas and products, protect know-how from competitors and prevent disputes and potential occurrence of damage.

Whether you are industrial innovators, an advertising agency or you program AI of the future, the intellectual property might mean more for you than you think. Our service fits everyone, who, for example:

  • is innovative, has positive results and wants to be ahead of competitors;
  • has a logo, trademark or brand by which it marks its goods and services;
  • forms a creative content as e.g., photographs, video, texts but also a design jewellery;
  • has expertise in the company, which is critical for its industry;
  • uses a comprehensive software solution such as the administration of e-shop or CRM systems;
  • and many others!

As part of the dVinci product:

  • we will carry out the analysis of your intellectual property (logos, concepts, know-how, brand, inventions, software, domains, designs etc.);
  • we will detect weak points and propose suitable solutions;
  • we will apply discovered solutions, which will allow you to achieve the most of your business potential and minimise risks.

Do you think that nothing can happen? Here are some particular examples of typical scenarios:

“At the end of the effectiveness of a service contract, an authority found out there was no other entity in the market that could maintain its 20-year-old tailored-made information system. Thus, it had no other option but to enter into a contract with the same supplier who used its position and charged ten times the amount of the original price for this service. If the authority did not enter into this contract, its activity would collapse for at least a period of two years.”
“A local hamburger seller started fighting with a multinational fast-food chain. As the multinational colossus did not succeed in convincingly defending its trademark to its iconic product in a local dispute, its trademark was cancelled not only for the domestic state but also for all states in the European Union.”

Be a step ahead of competitors and do not leave the protection of intangible assets until the moment it is late.

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