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Starting business: Legal Set-Up

How to set-up a legal presence in the Czech Republic, either in the form of a limited-liability company, joint stock company or a branch office of a foreign entity? What are the differences between the forms of legal presence, suggestions of necessary trade licenses and a list of potential tax liabilities of a Czech company? How to operate a backup office for sales or warehouse hub? Is it better to set-up a company or to acquire a ready-made one? When do I need to set-up legal presence in the Czech Republic?

We will guide you through the whole process of starting business in the Czech Republic from legal perspective. We will help you with the essential steps necessary to start operating a business in compliance with Czech legislation, especially with:

  • Setting up and registration of a new company in the Czech Republic according to your actual needs (limited liability
    company, joint stock company, etc.) or branch office of a foreign entity,
  • Assistance with obtaining necessary Trade
    Licences (including identification of the suitable type of trade licence or other type of authorization),
  • Acquisition of a ready-made company,
  • Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) registration (including identifying the ultimate beneficial owner of the NewCo),
  • Annual corporate compliance.
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