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Starting business: Tax & accounting set up

How to prepare Corporate Income Tax Return in accordance with the Czech tax legislation or reports to the Czech National Bank?

We will guide you through the whole process of starting business in the Czech Republic from tax perspective.

Advisory related to the group structure

Registration for relevant taxes in the Czech Republic

Annual preparation of corporate income tax return

Accounting services (if relevant)

Due to our capabilities and experience, we are ready to provide your firm with tax and legal services according to its current requirements and needs, based on individual partial orders or the newly agreed scope of tax and legal services.

Good to know: VAT rate, corporate and personal income tax, social and health insurance in the Czech Republic

VAT: 10%, 15%, 21%

Corporate income tax: 19%

Personal income tax: 15%, 23%

Health insurance: 9%/4.5% (Employer’s/Employee’s part)

Social security: 24.8%/6.5% (Employer’s/Employee’s part - both capped)

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