Tax Litigation

We represent our clients in tax reviews and before the courts and advise on how to avoid tax litigations. We do not promise the impossible and together we shall find a solution arising from a realistic analysis of the situation.

We closely cooperate with Deloitte tax advisors in interpreting material tax law. We watch and co-create the latest judicature approaches to the resolution of tax litigations. We provide recommendations in setting-up company processes in order to prevent new disputes and protect a management liability.

How we can help you:

Do not be on your own when a review comes
  • Practical assistance in tax reviews so that you do not miss a chance to protect your rights.
  • Protection in cases where a tax administrator acts in conflict with its obligations and your rights.
If going to court, then always with a professional help
  • Representation before regional courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • Strategic litigations where others did not succeed.
Protection against being involved in a carousel fraud
  • Review and set-up of company’s processes as protection against involvement in the frauds of others.
Compensation for damage
  • Enforcement of interest from detentioned excess of VAT.
  • Enforcement of the compensation for damage caused by illegal action of the state.


Jiřina Procházková

Jiřina Procházková


Jiřina Procházková works at Deloitte Legal as an attorney specialised in tax litigations resolving. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences of at Charles University in... More