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A global workforce with cross-border mobility is a necessity for many businesses. At Deloitte, our immigration team is primed to provide a distinctive client experience due to our unique set-up and the vast scope of knowledge of our professionals. We can offer your company a full range of immigration, relocation, and other services related to the posting of employees, transfer, and employment from abroad.

Our team of experienced immigration professionals is uniquely situated to provide your company with a wide breadth of services. Unlike other providers, our immigration team, social security, and tax services are united under one structure, one leadership, and one common vision under the Global Employer Services practice. This ensures that our immigration team can offer your company not only the full range of immigration and relocation services, but also easily provide insight on the international transfer of employees from a tax and legal point of view. Additionally, our practice is based across the Czech Republic with offices in Prague and Brno, thereby guaranteeing ease of accessibility. As a leading provider, we facilitate a broad range of services to corporate clients and their employees, spanning multiple industries and at any scale — from organisations with just a handful of foreign national local hires to organisations with hundreds of international assignees. From the completion of standard immigration processes to providing detailed assessments of individual cases, our team is ready to assist with all aspects of global moves, including operational, advisory, and strategic advice.

In addition to our wide range of services, our team of immigration specialists holds invaluable experience and knowledge. We are well prepared and informed of current migration trends and keep up to date with all interpretations of immigration law. The know-how of our specialists is regularly tested and expanded through daily communication with authorities such as the Foreign Police, Ministry of the Interior, Labour Offices, and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, both in the Czech Republic and in embassies abroad. Thanks to our contacts and specialized knowledge, we can speed up the process of obtaining the necessary permits as much as possible, so that your foreign employees can start working in the Czech Republic without unnecessary delays. We have the best practices which provide the most appropriate solutions for any situation.


Our expert immigration team can help you with:

  • Business visa, work permit, residence and citizenship applications when relocating employees globally or hiring foreign employees or starting up businesses locally
  • Document procurement: legalisation and attestation of documents
  • Assessments of individual cases
  • Design of global mobility policies and programmes 

Our team of professionals in immigration provides: 

  • Employee Card and Blue Card
  • Long-term permit
  • Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card 
  • Short-term visa (Schengen visa)
  • Work permit
  • Long-term visas for family members
  • Government Programmes for Economic Migration
  • Permanent Residency Permit
  • Czech Citizenship 
  • Registration certificate for EU citizens
  • Apostille or higher verification of documents

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Tereza Kavan Klimešová

Tereza Kavan Klimešová


Tereza is a Partner in Deloitte’s Tax & Legal function in the Czech Republic. She joined Deloitte in 2002. She leads the team dealing with remuneration and global employee mobility issues - not only f... More

Eva Echeverri Mondragón (Drhlíková)

Eva Echeverri Mondragón (Drhlíková)

Senior manager

As a Senior Manager, Eva focuses on providing global services to employers in the Tax & Legal function at Deloitte. She is a lawyer with a background in immigration law and has been the lead of Deloit... More