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Jan Spáčil becomes leader of Deloitte Legal in Central Europe

Prague, 2 October 2019 The Managing Partner at the Deloitte Legal law firm Jan Spáčil has become the leader of Deloitte Legal in the Central Europe region. After three years in the management of the company, during which Deloitte Legal grew into the second largest law firm in the Czech Republic with almost one hundred employees, he returns to regional leadership. His objective is to build the strongest Central European law office covering jurisdictions from the Baltics to the Adriatic and the Black Sea.

“Deloitte Legal has teams numbering more than 450 lawyers in Central Europe, it operates in 18 countries and 28 cities. This makes us the largest law firm in the region, unparalleled in terms of the number of people and coverage. However, I use the plural form ‘teams’ on purpose. At present, we do not fully leverage the potential of regional focus and cooperation and we work as a combination of individual local law offices,” says Jan Spáčil, Managing Partner of Deloitte Legal CE.

“However, especially multinational firms do not address their needs separately in each country but they often see the whole of Central Europe as one region and they want us to be a strong and reliable partner providing legal services for all the countries,” explains Jan Spáčil.

“Similarly, an increasing number of Central European companies expand to more or less distant foreign countries and they need regional legal expertise and a provider of legal services that can cover the entire region and has good knowledge of local specifics in the individual countries.”

“We accommodate these needs of our clients. Therefore, we are building a strong Central European law firm whose DNA is based on close regional cooperation of specialised legal teams that have detailed knowledge of their field as well as the local environment on delivering comprehensive solutions for the clients’ needs using a multidisciplinary approach in close collaboration with other Deloitte professionals and, last but not least, an innovative method of providing traditional legal services.”

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