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The SMART magazine is published by Deloitte on a quarterly basis in cooperation with the Association of Building Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic, ÚRS Praha and Blue Events. The publication is primarily intended for the top and middle management of construction, development and real estate companies. Its objective is to introduce new insights into various aspects of managing these businesses and provide information that will make the construction and development industries really “SMART” with a high level of expertise. The title of the publication already indicates its basic areas of interest, namely strategic management, industry analyses, interviews with prominent construction and development managers and introducing new trends and successful industry scenarios.

Autumn 2019

Czech property prices continue to rise, but household’s desire for their own housing is not fading. Younger generations prefer urban lifestyle and rental housing is likely the only way to achieve it. What is the future of rental housing? Will there be an end to the taxation of renting apartments and houses? What are the potential legal risks in acquiring real estate? These and other topics are covered in the current issue of SMART magazine.

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Summer 2019

“Developers have been in the penalty box for long enough,” says Petr Hlaváček, an architect and Prague City Council member as well as the first deputy of the mayor of Prague for the area of land planning and zoning plan, in an interview covering more than just the issue of flats in Prague.  Would you like to know about the current situation on the office space market in Prague? How Prague hotels were doing in the past year and what trends we expect in the area of tourism? Or what makes the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbau unique? Read the latest issue of the SMART magazine. 

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Spring 2019

What is the vision of the new president of the Association of Building Entrepreneurs? Read the interview with Jiří Nouza, who became the Association’s new lead in January. What other topics can you read about in the latest issue of the SMART magazine? For example, you will learn where the real estate world will advance in 2019 and what it will be most affected by. You can also read a story about the Czech Construction Forum conference or an article about the recodification of construction regulations. However, there is much more. Enjoy!

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Winter 2018

On average, the construction of a residential project takes nine years in Prague, of which five years are taken up by approval procedures. Moreover, compared to selected European countries, the housing availability indicator was the worst in the Czech Republic for the second time in a row. What is the situation like in respect of the innovations changing the real estate market, which is known for its conservativeness towards technological changes? Read the latest issue of SMART.

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Summer 2018

Rental housing is experiencing a renaissance on the market – read an interview with the investment director of Round Hill Capital for Central Europe.
Browse the summer issue of the SMART magazine and find out what the reasons are for the growth of apartment prices and other interesting things from the world of construction, development and investments.

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Spring 2018

The Czech economy did well last year, but what awaits it this year? It has been 10 years since the financial crisis, how is the European real estate market doing today? And which way will the market be heading? Who is buying flats in Prague? Flip through the pages of the spring edition of the SMART magazine, where you will find a whole slew of topics.

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Autumn 2017

Do we experiencing real estate bubble or is it a natural response to current supply and demand? That is probably the most common question in the real estate market supported by a rapid rise of prices in past years.

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Spring 2017

What should be the investment priorities of Prague? In the current issue of Smart you can read about the key conclusions of Deloitte's analysis of Prague's investment. In addition, you will find here an up-to-date article on the current offer of apartments in Prague, an article on the legal aspects of changing the trend of housing from personal ownership to cooperative and rental housing and others.

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Winter 2017

Year 2016 brought several defining moments about which you can read in the new edition of the Smart. Furthermore, we bring a comprehensive overview of the residential development market in Prague in 2016.

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Autumn 2016

Two significant trends are moving the residential market in recent years. The supply of new dwellings is quickly and considerably shrinking resulting in growth of prices. Not only by new dwellings, but also by the old ones.

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Summer 2016

From the economic perspective in recent months we are on the top among EU member countries. GDP is growing and unemployment is the lowest in Europe. However, construction definitely do not keep the growth wave. How is it possible?

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Spring 2016

As December turned to January 2016, Deloitte organised a survey addressing prominent construction, development, architecture and urbanism experts as well as representatives of academia. The survey aimed to map the opinions of the expert public in the areas of development, construction and property investments.

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Winter 2016

There are good and bad times. The industry saw a positive development in 2014 but it was not certain whether this would also continue in 2015. Although the exact results of 2015 are not yet known, they will be most likely the same or even better than in 2014. This is a positive signal for the future of the construction industry. 

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