The Broader Career Choice

Impact report 2018

Conscious of our business responsibility, our first duty is to prioritise our employees’ personal and professional careers so that they can deliver the highest-quality support to our clients. The advantage of being part of a worldwide network is that it helps us interact with the broadest pool of experts from across disciplines, exchanging knowledge and experiences. Also, our diverse clients are constantly challenging our teams with their tailor-made solutions and constant innovations in different markets. We are aware of how valuable a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion, engagement and empowerment is. That is why diversity and inclusion is a strategic imperative for us.


Stories of Our Impact:

  • SheXO Club
  • Employees’ experience abroad
  • We care…families are important to us
  • Become a consultant for a day
  • Deloitte Snowball: A three-month program for new auditors
  • Learning from the best
  • Beerfest: The event for current and former Deloitters
Deloitte Czech Republic Impact report 2018