Innovation Driven by Talent

Impact report 2018

We believe revolutionary ideas happen in companies that challenge the way things are done, innovate and make a ground-breaking impact which deserves special recognition. Being aware that new technologies and innovations are shaping the market, our aim to provide the highest-quality value-added services is directly linked with offering options and sharing our expertise with the best talent.


Stories of Our Impact:

  • Interview with Senta Čermákova, Innovation Director at Deloitte
  • Deloitte Start-up Youngsters
  • dBot represents the fact that we are not only a firm full of “suits”
  • Advanced Analytics Challenge
  • Deloitte KidsXO and TeenXO klub
  • The Future has Started at the Singularity University Summit in Prague
  • The 3-day Young Guns Hackathon: Studenti showed their visions of the future
  • Deloitte GREEN: Engaging employees in innovations for green growth


Deloitte Czech Republic Impact report 2018