Enterprise Risk Management (ERM/GRC)

Risk can sometimes present an opportunity, but in most cases it is an unpleasant event that affects the business. We at Deloitte believe that the best strategy to avoid risks is to manage them. Therefore, we offer clients assistance in solving a wide range of problems in the field of corporate governance, corporate risk management, effective compliance, selection and implementation of risk management tools.

We know that it is not always possible to have everything under control, but we believe that a company with a good overview of internal processes and corporate culture, including risk awareness, can avoid unexpected costs, reputational damage, and gain competitive resources. We help companies identify, correct, monitor, control, and also take full advantage of business risks, while coordinating the effective use of human resources, processes and technologies to increase ERM efficiency and reduce costs.

Advisory for risk management:

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the field of risk management and compliance, we are able to advise you on what you are currently solving in your company:

Advisory for risk management tools

Risk management tools consolidate a large number of activities and processes in one place, and can both replace countless documents and spreadsheets stored somewhere on a shared disk and simplify corporate workflow across all processes. This allows the company not only to manage its risks more effectively, but also to reduce unnecessary administration for its employees and be more transparent. The tool can be used for risk management, setting up and testing controls, managing assets and risks associated with them, vendor risk management, data privacy and GDPR, or internal and IT audit. Deloitte is an important partner for major and large vendors of risk management tools such as ServiceNow, OneTrust, Galvanize, Metric Stream and Archer. Therefore, we have unique know-how and our team of experts can help you with:

Comprehensive approach

One of our biggest added values for the customer is the ability to provide a comprehensive service. We can help you from start to finish with setting up risk management in your company.

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Martin Kubačka


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