Penetration Testing

Can anyone breach the systems of your organisation and misuse the data contained there?

Penetration testing helps our clients in assessing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an  organisation’s infrastructure in order to prevent cyber attacks.

Penetration testing is principally legal hacking. By using vulnerabilities, a penetration tester can gain privileged access to a system or web application, which means acquiring full control over the system and an opportunity to obtain sensitive data. Penetration testing should be preceded by a vulnerability assessment to confirm the real risk. A penetration expert uses automatic and manual testing tools and scripts during the testing. Depending on the testing results, we offer a plan of mitigation measures to secure the network and prevent access to information. 

Our services include:

  • Penetration testing
    • Infrastructure testing + risk assessment 
    • Mobile applications testing
    • Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent devices
    • Industrial security devices
  • Security assessment
    • eHealth audits
    • State administration digitisation projects (eGov)
    • Information research and competitive intelligence (CI) services
    • Social engineering
    • Darknet monitoring

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Michal Čábela

Michal Čábela


Michal is a Director in the Risk Advisory department with responsibility for the management and development of the team and advisory services in the area of cyber risk. He has extensive experience in ... More