Migration and optimisation of data centre MONETA Money Bank

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Migration and optimisation of data centre

MONETA Money Bank

MONETA selected Deloitte as a partner when it needed to address the migration of its primary data centre, from defining a strategy to ensure its operation, managing the RFP process to a new vendor, to the complete coordination of the implementation of data centre (DC) migration itself. As a result, Moneta will save more than half of the cost of DC operation and more than half of the cost of electricity necessary to power it.

Project goal and the role of Deloitte

MONETA faced a strategic decision about how to further arrange the operation of its primary data centre, located in the office building Moneta was about to vacate. Deloitte elaborated possible ways to ensure the operation of the primary data centre (on-premise, housing, outsourcing, cloud, etc.) and evaluated these options. Deloitte discussed its recommendations with the top management (BoD, CEO, CRO, COO, CIO), to which it regularly reported on the status of the project, and managed the selected option housing and DC migration from the initial requirements specification, the RFP process, to the actual migration and its completion.

Achieved benefits

  • Decreasing the overall TCO for the operation of a non-IT infrastructure of the data centre by more than 50% as compared to the original state;
  • Reduction of the area and number of racks used by 70%;
  • Reduction of costs spent on electric power necessary to provide power for the DC by more than 50%;
  • Excellent flexibility of the ongoing decreasing and increasing of the capacity needed in terms of space and efficiency;
  • Increasing the technological level of the DC basis and increased physical security; and
  • Robust contract including SLA and penalties for possible breaches well beyond the market practice.

Steps taken

DC strategy and definition of its operation 

  • Assessing parameters and situation of the current state of the primary data centre (DC) and planned parameters of the future DC in the company’s new headquarters;
  • Defining possible scenarios of ensuring services of the primary DC and assessing both advantages and disadvantages of the propositions;
  • Overall optimisation and modernisation of the new primary DC by elimination of its constraints (change of cabling topology, cooling, power feeding, obsolete technology exchange, unused racks and area, etc.).


Management of RFP for housing partner 

  • Preparation of an RFP based on contract for a housing services provider incl. the definition of technical, security, SLA and all contract parameters of the DC services;
  • Providing an overview and actual possibilities of the suitable housing in colocation data centres in Prague;
  • Comprehensive management of the RFP comprising several rounds, design and assessment of the technical, business and contractual parts including inspections of individual objects;
  • Negotiation of contractual parameters and preparation of comprehensive contractual documentation.
  • Evaluation of the technical and financial part of tender incl.  preparation of the supporting material for BoD decision making

TTC TELEPORT TTC DC2 datacentre that is currently one of the top modern data centres in the Czech Republic has become the housing partner. This data centre complies with the most strict criteria for data centre design and operation and holds the TIER III certificate by Uptime Institute, LLC. 

DC Migration implementation

  • Coordination of the preparation of data centre halls in the housing centre (HC);
  • Connectivity and network topology design;
  • Defining parameters for stress tests and assistance during the performance thereof;
  • Preparation of the LAN and SAN plans, cable and power supply infrastructure in the new DC;
  • Optimisation of the current solution and preparation of a detailed rack-layout of the individual server cabinets;
  • Preparation of a migration strategy, detailed migration and logistic schedule of the migration;
  • Managing the RfP process for dismantling and moving company;
  • Coordination of the migration of the DC itself according to the prepared plan;
  • Preparation of a communication plan & contact matrix, coordination of all suppliers including network connectivity reloading; and 
  • Cooperation during the risk management of the whole DC migration project.

Final evaluation

Approximately one-year cooperation with MONETA Money Bank has been successfully completed. During the DC migration, there were no incidents, the course was smooth and the migration, including the infrastructure tests and change of obsolete technology, ended before the scheduled date. Deloitte was the main coordinator of the entire migration. We had to coordinate and ensure cooperation and multilateral communication between more than 25 entities and more than 100 people. 12 lorries and more than 50 special removal boxes were used for the transport of the DC.

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