Deloitte Study on Intelligent Automation of Companies in 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated robotisation of companies in the Czech Republic and throughout the world

The use of intelligent automation in organisations has been growing for quite some time, and 2020 was no exception. Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly interested in robotisation and automation processes and the COVID-19 situation has only supported this trend – 73% of our respondent firms have stated that they decided to start using intelligent automation due to the pandemic. Our Automation with Intelligence study focuses on strategies for the implementation of automation tools in the Czech as well as international companies in 2020.

A survey with 441 representatives of various companies from 29 world countries including the Czech Republic has shown that robotic automation of processes was most popular, implemented by 78% of the respondent firms. Other implemented technologies included e.g. Optical Character Recognition (51%), Process Management (36%) or Artificial Intelligence (34%).

Czech Perspective on Deloitte Study on Intelligent Automation of Companies in 2020

Czech companies and intelligent automation in numbers

  • According to Czech firms, the fragmentation process (63%) and lack of IT readiness (46%) represent the biggest issues in relation to solution implementation. 
  • Approximately 56% of mature organisations in the Czech Republic reimagine their processes to be able to use the potential of implemented automation tools to the fullest capacity.
  • A majority (95%) of Czech companies are using cloud technologies as part of the tools and solutions being implemented.
  • Due to the pandemic, more than 61% of Czech companies have accelerated the implementation of intelligent automation solutions that can help enhance the company’s operation during the crisis.

Read the entire Automation with Intelligence study by Deloitte to learn more.

Deloitte Study on Intelligent Automation of Companies in 2020
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