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Improve your SQL knowledge at our Bootcamp

In today’s world of data and business analytics, knowledge of SQL is a prerequisite for success. Keep pace with the times and learn this query language as well!

Does your company manage a large amount of data, but most of your work still includes basic operations in Excel? Would you like to move to more advanced data analytics and do not know where to begin? Would you like to learn and acquire new skills that will make your work more efficient? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then our SQL Bootcamp is designed for you!

SQL Bootcamp will be appreciated by anyone who wants to take their technological skills to the next level and truly master SQL. The course has no prerequisites and is thus intended for people with no prior experience as well as for those who have already dabbled in the field of databases and SQL. The acquired knowledge will be primarily beneficial for those working on or aspiring for the position of data or business analyst.

What will you learn at the course?

  • You will learn what a relational database is and what rules apply when designing it.
  • You will find out what data is from the perspective of relational databases.
  • You will learn to write effective, readable database queries using SQL. In queries, you will use both basic and more advanced constructs, such as hierarchical queries, windowing, and more complicated features.
  • You will gain a wealth of key knowledge and skills for handling data requests.
  • You will learn in general how to search for relevant text in text boxes using regular expressions, which are a prerequisite for the use of NLP methods.
  • You will understand the basic methods for SQL code optimization.
  • Finally, you will receive the Deloitte Data Science Academy certificate.

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Zuzana Šumajová, Analytics & Information Management, Deloitte

Expert in data processing, data analysis, data quality and visualization. She has experience from a number of projects in the areas of banking, pharmacy, e-commerce and services.