Deloitte Receives the Prestigious Blue Prism Award

We are a Silver Partner in Robotic Process Automation

Blue Prism, a leading provider of specialised RPA software, has presented Deloitte with the prestigious Silver Partner certificate in the Delivery Provider and Capability Provider categories. In practice, this means that we are a provider of cutting-edge RPA advisory in Central Europe. The certificate confirms Deloitte’s position as a leading advisor on and implementer of robotic and cognitive automation, ranking it among one of the six companies that have received the award globally.

“The certificate is an immense success for us. It is a signal to clients that we are connected with a strong partner with the best professionals in the field. My thanks go to everyone on our team, as they have all contributed to us receiving the certificate.”

Milan Kulhánek, Partner, Deloitte RPA Lead

“The certificate reflects the level of expertise, skills and client satisfaction with our services. It means that the work we did in respect of RPA during the past months in Europe and elsewhere was done very well indeed.”

Jan Hejtmánek, RPA Manager, Deloitte

The Robotics and Cognitive Process Automation Centre is based in Prague and forms part of Deloitte’s global RPA team. At present, it comprises more than 40 experts in robotics and process automation, taking part in projects all over the world.

Follow this link to learn more about the RPA services provided by Deloitte.

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