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Strategy Labs for Business Services

Achieve breakthrough by strategically aligning and mobilising your team

The future of Business Services lies in its ability to help companies do more with less resources by leveraging data and knowledge from across multiple businesses, functions, and geographies to transform customer and employee experiences with predictive insights at unparalleled speed. Strategy Labs for Business Services provide a tailored, accelerated decision-making forum to an organisation’s leadership to align on their vision. They create breakthroughs for their operations, informed by leading practices, external perspectives and their specific needs. They offer a structured and creative approach in a physically stimulating space with a set of integrated exercises, tools and methods that link discussions through each of the modules in the Lab.

Strategy & Vision
Internal triggers
  • A need for revision and update of current strategy and assessment of the results achieved from the initial development of Business Services vision
  • Diverse approaches to the Vision and creation of silos
  • Rapid growth and a shift from the vision of the company
  • Mid-term vision accomplished; new requirements need to be set up
  • Incorporation of newly identified interest areas across organisational functions (e.g., drive of growth and productivity increase)
  • Constantly changing conditions during the pandemics leading to unprecedented challenges
  • High intensity of effort to the activities not linked with Vision and Strategy
Processes & Technologies
  • New leadership in the Business Services
  • Low level of Managerial engagement
  • Limited overview of digitalisation possibilities
  • Not defined end-to-end processes & owners

Key Features

  • Business Chemistry types - Understand how to best engage with your fellow participants
  • Vision profiles / footprints - Decide on value drivers that help define a future vision
  • Radar chart – help visualise assessment of the current capabilities
  • Opportunity prioritisation matrix - Identify potential projects/ opportunities
  • Implementation Roadmap - define the roadmap to achieve Business Services goals
  • Balanced Scorecard - Define metrics to track success

Our Approach

  • All Labs are structured as multi-module, interactive sessions led by experienced facilitators with the appropriate functional expertise.
  • All Strategy Labs are based on the design thinking methodology and best practice sharing.
  • The labs are designed to be conducted face-to-face on site; an online version is also possible if required.
  • The key takeaways from our Strategic Labs include generating new ideas, aligning with vision and strategy, prioritising and mobilising with action plans.


Deloitte‘s broad capabilities are recognised as market leading with a focus on adding value to the business. Our team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the Business Services practice works closely with executives to understand their strategic vision and assess how Business Services might align with their business strategy to drive results.

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