Competencies and Methodology

Deloitte’s RPA team comprises a pool of experienced professionals allowing us to support every role profile required for the delivery of services and the RPA deployment in all of its delivery models:

  • The standard single process automation follows a hybrid agile methodology to take advantage of the RPA concept and SME availability
  • The process analysis phase is greatly enhanced by Deloitte’s knowledge base and proven history of process expertise
  • Our developers work closely with client SMEs, business analysts, process experts and RPA technology architects to resolve any misunderstandings quickly and efficiently
  • We understand the impact of RPA on your business and are able to take advantage of onshore and local resources to reduce the barrier between automation resources and client’s employees
  • Taking RPA from PoC to large-scale deployment can be difficult and Deloitte has proven experience doing this across many industries.
Deloitte RPA Offering


Jan Hejtmánek

Jan Hejtmánek

Partner | Deloitte CE AI Institute Leader

Jan is a Partner in the Consulting department at Deloitte in the Czech Republic. He leads the Intelligent Automation team for Deloitte CE and is a member of the Intelligent Automation Committee for De... More