Maják (in English "Lighthouse")

Protects against unwitting involvement in VAT fraud and the risk of losing the right to deduct VAT

It is no longer sufficient to check business partners once when starting cooperation, and, among other things, to do this check manually. As a result, you can easily become involved in VAT fraud. Deloitte's Maják application will check the registers for you and use a set of tests to check the suppliers and customers you specify. The Maják tests will reliably withstand the scrutiny of the tax authorities. We have designed them based on our experience with a range of VAT audits and representing clients in litigation.

The application performs a continuous check of suppliers and customers in publicly available registers and implements other control mechanisms based on the set rules.

The client can log into the app to find details of the daily screening and can add contextual information to their decision.

The application offers a clear and simple interface.

If the application identifies an indication of VAT fraud, it will alert the client by email.


Maják’s benefits
  • Reducing the risk of the tax authorities withholding your VAT deduction and the potential criminal liability of statutory executives.
  • Reducing the risk of fines, penalties and litigation costs.
  • Efficient and easy check of a large number of business partners.
  • Shortening the tax process and improving cash flow.
  • Promoting the exercise of due managerial care.
  • Discharging the burden of proof in tax proceedings

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Defence against VAT fraud

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Radka Mašková


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Jiřina Procházková

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Petr Čapoun

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