Maják: A Software Tool for Ongoing Checks of Suppliers and Customers

Reliable Protection against VAT Fraud.

Reviewing business partners on a one-off basis at the start of your cooperation and doing this manually is not enough, as you can easily get involved in VAT fraud. Deloitte’s new application entitled Maják will check all registers for you. Moreover, by way of other tests, the application will check the suppliers and customers selected by you. What are the advantages? A lower failure rate and lower risk that the Tax Administrator will freeze your VAT deduction claim.

Maják in Day-to-Day Practice: Ongoing Checks of Suppliers and Customers

  • An application for reviewing suppliers and customers, which checks publicly available data on an ongoing basis and performs other control mechanisms pursuant to pre-defined rules. If the relevant rule is violated, the application alerts the Client’s representative.
  • Later on, the Client can log into the application to check more details and add comments on individual alerts.
  • An automated tool for ongoing review of risks related to business partners, which regularly checks publicly available information on business partners, evaluates the parameters defined by the Client and draws attention to irregular situations.


  • Efficient and simple review of a great number of your business partners.
  • Support in acting with due care.
  • Greater probability of being able to bear the burden of proof in tax proceedings.

Deloitte Maják

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Our survey has shown that more than a half of all companies check their business partners’ reliability solely by way of a manual search. As such, the risk of inaccuracies and inconsistencies arising from human error lowers significantly the efficiency and reliability of the adopted measures.

Avoid errors, inspect your business partners. Maják will check the registers for you.


Radka Mašková

Radka Mašková


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Jiřina Procházková

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Petr Čapoun

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