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Practically every business transaction has certain tax implications and in the increasingly more demanding global environment the management of tax obligations is more and more complex. As the Czech Republic aligns its tax legislation with the EU legal environment, it implements measures against tax evasion. However, it simultaneously strives to maintain competitiveness, and changes are therefore constantly occurring in this area. Companies that do not want to be caught unawares by the development of tax legislation, increasingly use expert advisory to provide them with a comprehensive solution and prevent tax risks.

Put an end to tax concerns

Our global approach, efficiently provided services and emphasis on quality and added value allow us to help your company put an end to tax concerns once and for all. Our specialists with relevant technical knowledge and practical experience will not only keep you updated on all new developments that could have an impact on the activities of your company, but they will also help you correctly determine their significance and implement a suitable tax strategy in your business plan.

  • We provide advisory at the global level in the area of direct and indirect taxes concerning the fulfilment of tax obligations and tax audits.
  • We will advise you on the storage of data, administration of accounting, tax and other documents and the determination of priorities when setting up control mechanisms.

Our teams specialise in services for various business sectors (financial institutions, manufacturing and telecommunication companies, media and technology companies, real estate and development companies, clients from the energy industry, resources and infrastructure etc.). Whenever necessary we involve lawyers, accountants, experts or consultants with the relevant specialisations (IT, HR etc.) in the project.

  • We will help you with setting up a business model.
  • We will assess potential risks for you and find suitable solutions how to mitigate them.
  • We will help you with successful implementation and check that it works in practice.

Thanks to the cooperation of various Deloitte specialists and with you, our clients, we bring practical solutions for your business needs in the Czech Republic as well as anywhere else in the world.

Direct taxes

Our tax specialists combine knowledge from the field of tax, accounting and commercial law with experience with the practical application of the relevant legislation. They provide services  from small  to large companies thanks to the global presence of our network throughout the world. Our comprehensive tax services allow clients to concentrate on their own business, improve the efficiency of their operational activities and eliminate tax risks irrespective of their place of business. A big advantage is the provision of tailor-made personalised solutions that meet the specific requirements and needs of each client.

We will advise you for example on:

  • The methodology and calculation of tax payable and deferred tax;
  • The tax treatment of depreciation, acquisitions and disposals of tangible and intangible assets,
  • The area of tax reserves and provisions;
  • The tax (non)deductibility of expenses;
  • The tax impacts of equity transactions;
  • The tax impacts of intragroup transactions (usual business transactions and combinations);
  • Questions related to the taxation of employees and their treatment at the level of the company;
  • Real estate tax and the tax impacts of real estate transfers; and
  • Road tax.

We develop data analytics and help with the integration of systems so that the tax processes can help you save time and money.

Quick consultation (hot-line service)

This service ensures daily expert support in the application of various tax laws as part of everyday business activities.

Tailored tax services

We provide expert advisory and consultations in various areas of corporate tax from the Czech and international perspectives. Ourexperts will take into account the specific conditions and planned changes in tax legislation and help you in your search for the appropriate tax solution.

We combine the knowledge and expertise of specialists from various fields based on the specific needs of our clients. This allows us to provide first-class tax advisory services tailor-made e.g. for financial institutions, companies in the energy industry, start-ups, developers and others.

Our tax advisor team includes experts on matters related to the automatic exchange of tax information who have extensive knowledge and experience from international regulation such as FATCA, CRS (Common Reporting Standard) and the requirements of qualified intermediaries.


Jaroslav Škvrna

Jaroslav Škvrna

CEO, Deloitte Central Europe

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Marek Romancov

Marek Romancov


Since 1997, Marek has been intensively involved in the field of transfer pricing. During his practice, he participated in the implementation of many projects in the Czech Republic and CE region. He fo... More