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Payroll processing

The high level of our services in payroll processing and HR administration – that is the result of using modern technologies in combination with an emphasis on the efficient set-up of processes, control and sharing of knowledge and experience of a large group of experts from various areas. Maximum trustworthiness is key for us in each individual part of the process.

We can tailor the service to fit the need of a small company or a large enterprise. But it does not end with payroll processing. What makes us different?

Comprehensive solution

  • It has long been about more than just payroll processing. We have taxation experts, we address matters related to the Labour Code, social security and health insurance in depth and we cover many other areas.
  • Experience from other fields (cafeteria implementation, recruitment, remuneration etc.)

Technological aspect

  • We have developed the PeoplePort web portal, an efficient communication tool, a tool for sharing data and solutions for employees.
  • We use our system to the maximum and we can therefore meet the demanding needs of individual reporting.
  • We have efficient tools and experience, implementation therefore takes place quickly and without unnecessary burden for the client.
  • As a global company we can also offer other communication platforms.

Deloitte Network

  • We are everywhere. We provide payroll in all CE countries.
  • We guarantee that the processing is always performed by Deloitte, not by a contractual partner for the location.
  • We arrange single point of contact for the entire region. This simplifies implementation and unifies the entire process.

Individual and human approach

  • The client is not just a billing item for us, we build a long-term partnership.
  • We are interested in what you are currently dealing with. We try to understand the background and think about your future needs.

What services can we offer you in the individual areas?

Ongoing payroll processing

  • Calculation of salaries and keeping salary records in line with valid laws and regulations;
  • Calculation of average earnings, compensation for obstacles and incapacity to work, records of use of personal time off;
  • Records and calculation of statutory and contractual deductions (distraint, insolvency, meal allowance etc.);
  • Preparation of salary and statistical reports (including the Trexima statistic and specific reports for salary accounting);
  • Preparation of electronic banking files for the transfer of salaries and contributions (we have a solution for all banks operating in the Czech Republic); and
  • Comprehensive preparation of supporting documents and representation of the company in the event of audit by taxation authorities, social security administration, health insurance companies and labour offices.

Annual payroll processing

  • Annual tax reconciliation for employees and preparation of confirmations of taxable income;
  • Processing of statements of income taxes collected by a deduction and statements of personal income tax from dependent activities;
  • Preparation of annual pension insurance record sheets; and
  • Calculation of the fulfilment of the obligatory percentage of employment of disabled persons.

HR administration

  • Preparation of labour law documents based on templates supplied (employment contract, amendments, salary assessments, agreements on deductions, agreements on termination of employment etc.);
  • Assistance when a new employee joins the company (completion of the taxpayer’s declaration, personal and tax documents etc.); 
  • Administration of health and safety matters (deadline monitoring, ordering training and medical examinations etc.);
  • Administration of the company benefit system (monitoring entitlement, calculation of contributions and deductions, related reporting etc.); and
  • Administrative support during the recruitment process (management of the applicant database, classification of CVs based on defined criteria, communication with applicants etc.).


Zbyněk Brtinský

Zbyněk Brtinský


Zbyněk Brtinský is the Partner of Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions service line (BPS) and the BPS Leader for Central Europe. He is a UK Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). Zbyněk gained his pr... More