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We keep books based on Czech Accounting Standards and regulations or generally accepted accounting principles (US GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS), or based on group accounting policies as defined by the client. We provide the bookkeeping services for your network of branches in the Czech Republic and abroad from one place and ensure unified reporting for all countries. We will ensure compliance with local obligations in cooperation with Deloitte offices in the respective countries.

Management reporting

We will provide a set of management reports on a monthly, quarterly, annual or other basis regularly and exactly according to your requirements. If needed, we can design and structure the reports for you. We will provide reporting regularly, always on precisely agreed days, and the reporting day can be set as early as the first business day of the following month.

Statutory reporting

We will prepare your financial statements exactly as required by Czech legislation. We can ensure the preparation of the annual report and in cooperation with the legal department we will draft the report on related party transactions and other legal documents necessary for compliance with annual reporting obligations. If you need to have your financial statements audited, we will cooperate with the auditor and provide all information and documents.

Administration of tax matters

We prepare all tax returns (VAT, income tax, road tax, etc.) and send them to the tax authorities based on a power of attorney. We notify clients about the due date of taxes and provide detailed information on how to make the payment. We regularly inform clients about all important aspects of tax return preparation.

Other reporting obligations

We prepare all other statements and reports that clients may be required to prepare, such as reports for the Czech Statistical Office or the Czech National Bank.

Accounting review

For clients who arrange bookkeeping on their own, we can provide regular reviews of accounting records e.g. on a monthly or other basis, or assist in addressing separate matters such as reconciliations, system or process set-up etc.


Zbyněk Brtinský

Zbyněk Brtinský


Zbyněk Brtinský is the Partner of Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions service line (BPS) and the BPS Leader for Central Europe. He is a UK Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). Zbyněk gained his pr... More