Příprava a revize daňových přiznání


Tax return preparation and review

Deloitte has approached the administratively demanding preparation of the tax return in an innovative way – thanks to a team of experienced professionals and the Tax Navigator software, it has turned this annual obligation into a smooth and effective process.

The Tax Navigator is a software application developed based on the requirements of our clients. It allows efficient and flexible preparation of tax returns and aside from simplifying the communication between Deloitte and the client, it also contains automatic checks of the data provided. This significantly decreases the risk of human error. The client always has current information about the status of the project and the data provided and if necessary, they can go back to the documents even several years later.


Jaroslav Škvrna

Jaroslav Škvrna

CEO, Deloitte Central Europe

Jaroslav (Jarek) Skvrna currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Central Europe (CE), a position he’s assumed on 1 June 2020. He joined Deloitte right after graduating from universi... More

Marek Romancov

Marek Romancov


Since 1997, Marek has been intensively involved in the field of transfer pricing. During his practice, he participated in the implementation of many projects in the Czech Republic and CE region. He fo... More