Deloitte E‑learning

Education anytime and from anywhere

The Deloitte e‑learning education system is a tool for your online education.

What is Deloitte e‑learning

  • Web-based training platform that allows you to train your employees.
  • Offers the possibility of education in the form of e‑learning courses for various topics.
  • The practicality of the courses, their materiality and accuracy are regularly revised in relation to the development of legislation and case law.


What does Deloitte e‑learning offer?

  • Studying with the possibility of repeating the course, pausing the course, returning to the course for up to one year.
  • Receiving a certificate of completion of courses.
  • Simple reporting on the progress of employees in their courses.

You ask yourself questions:
  • How to reduce training costs? 
  • How to reduce worries about the organization of trainings?
  • How do you save the time you usually spend traveling to training centers?
  • How to train newly hired employees?

What will you gain from Deloitte e‑learning?

  • Non‑stop access to courses 
  • Interactive courses supplemented by the spoken word 
  • Courses according to current legislation and case law 
  • Certificate of completion of the course

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Petr Čapoun

Petr Čapoun

Senior Manager

Petr is a Senior Manager in the Technology Advisory Unit of the Tax & Legal function of Deloitte Czech Republic. He has been with Deloitte since 2016. He specialises in designing and developing applic... More

Michaela Kučerová

Michaela Kučerová

Senior manager

Michaela is a senior manager in the Tax & Legal function of Deloitte Czech Republic. She joined Deloitte in 2014. Michaela graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, the Faculty of Finance ... More