Paperless HR agenda

PeoplePort is a smart HR solution for effective data sharing that helps you eliminate the creation and circulation of physical documents. PeoplePort is a cloud application that consists of several modules. The scope of use of the applicaiton can be tailored to your needs.

After the first year of use, we had over 30.000 users from 200 companies and 27 countries.


Elegant HR and payroll agenda solution

What is PeoplePort?

PeoplePort is a simple, available solution for personal data management and communication inside and outside the company.

Why PeoplePort?

Bring your HR agenda to the digital era. Do not travel for documents, let the data travel to you. Data is available 24/7, access is secured by multi-factor authentication - similar to banking applications, or with SSO (single sign on).

For whom is PeoplePort intended?

PeoplePort is for everyone who is looking for time savings and more efficient internal processes without unnecessary implementation costs.

How to implement PeoplePort?

PeoplePort is a cloud application that does not requires any installation on the client's computer. The application is accessible from anywhere and anytime, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

PeoplePort Modules
  • Tax online - possibility to fill in from home
  • Employee card - easy updating of personal information
  • Payslips - safely without limitation to the corporate network
  • Ticketing - well-arranged means of communication
  • Attendance - absences and extra pays under control
  • E-room - secure file storage
  • Employee e-room - mass distribution of any document
  • Document generation - mass production of personified documents
  • Electronic signature - signing of employment documents

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Zbyněk Brtinský

Zbyněk Brtinský


Zbyněk Brtinský is the Partner of Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions service line (BPS) and the BPS Leader for Central Europe. He is a UK Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). Zbyněk gained his pr... More

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Michal Czigle


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