Research & Development Tax Relief

Get ahead of your competition by claiming tax relief for research and development (R&D)

Claim your R&D relief in a swift, clear, and correct manner with our R&D Calculation Tool.

The R&D Calculation Tool is a web-based application facilitating the management of R&D tax relief information and cost record files. The application reviews and processes the baseline data from the client, assists us with preparing and approving deliverables, and allows us to share personal information in the most secure way possible. The application transforms the outputs into a clear format corresponding to the legislative expectations of the tax authorities.

What can the tool do?

The R&D Calculation Tool is a web-based application used to prepare the R&D tax relief. It facilitates efficient processing of the information and cost records provided by you, the client. The data is then revised through dozens of built-in controls which are used to generate automatic outputs as required by legislation. Therefore, the process of preparing your R&D deduction is fully automated ‒ from our first meeting all the way to you receiving our outputs.

Main perks of cooperating with Deloitte
  • Comprehensive service (calculation of the amount of the tax relief and assistance in the process of claiming it) and methodological support in identifying eligible costs, as well as creating and processing documentation.
  • The possibility of having research and development projects assessed by an expert institute.
  • Leveraging experience in supporting clients in local investigations, tax audits, and litigation with the participation of Deloitte tax and legal experts.
  • We rely on 15 years of active experience with R&D tax relief in the Czech Republic, we process more than 130 cases of R&D tax relief each year, and the annual volume of claimed expenses of our clients amounts to over CZK 2 billion (20% of the total claimed tax relief from the whole Czech Republic).


  • The application automatically performs a number of administrative tasks, which allows room for addressing the technical part of the R&D  tax relief.
  • Built-in controls respond to legal requirements and developments in the tax administration´s approach to the deductible R&D item and reducee the risk of errors in the cost records.
  • The major advantages of the application include saving the user´s time, claritz, and standardised form of outputs.
  • The application offers you a platform to collect comprehensive information about the relevant tax relief. In the event of a tax audit, all the necessary documents are easily and quickly accessible.

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Kateřina Novotná

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