Tax Navigator

A tool for ccomprehensive preparation of the corporate income tax return

Tax Navigator is a web-based application used for the comprehensive preparation of corporate income tax returns. You have unlimited access to the application, which allows you to work on your taxes whenever you have the time and feel like it.

What can it do?

The app provides a clear analysis of individual areas that may require further attention when preparing a tax return. An interactive questionnaire guides you through each tax and accounting area while providing a range of checks, alerts and hints. It is also possible to attach related supporting documents and comments to the sub-sections. As an active user, you also have a constant overview of the documents provided and open items, and thanks to the approval system, you can prepare the tax calculation in collaboration with several users.

What are its benefits?

  • Clarity of tax return preparation;
  • Save time – you can focus on taxes at your own pace;
  • Outputs in a standardised form, enabling quick retrieval of the necessary information;
  • Easy retrieval of documents in the case of a tax audit, even after a longer period of time, minimises the risk of losing documents due to a personnel change in the team.

Benefits of TaxNavigator

  • The application makes it easy to navigate throgh the outputs, which are available in clear form for years to come.
  • The sophisticated tax return preparation system allows you to effectively save your time and provides you with detailed information on each aspect of the tax return in the form of standardised outputs.
  • In the event of tax audit or a change of the relevant personnel, you will always have access to detailed documentation and output for the preparation of each tax return.

Clients’ experiences

  • We consider Tax Navigator as one of your major competitive advantages. BILLA, spol. s r. o.
  • After the first year of experience with the Tax Navigator application we evaluate it as very useful. We already had experience with a similar questionnaire from our previous advisor, however it was far from covering such a wide spectrum of tax issues as Tax Navigator does. Blue Style s.r.o.
  • The cooperation with your company during the tax return preparation was very good. We especially appreciated the perfect time flexibility and excellent level of communication. We were continuously informed about the process of the tax return preparation. The quick reactions from the side of your company to our requirements and suggestions suited us well. UPS SCS (Czech Republic) s.r.o.

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Klára Klímová


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Lukáš Melichar

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