Adelin Apostu


Senior Consultant

Adelin Apostu

Adelin is leading the Procurement Coupa team in the Czech Republic. He is a procurement professional with over 8yrs of experience in implementing custom solutions and integrating Coupa platform for large companies. 

He has a solid digital procurement understanding, achieved through consulting more than 5 multinationals, integrating Coupa cXML e-invoicing & Punch-out for over 350+ suppliers, providing training, and being a part of more than 50 Coupa rollouts for different Coupa platform modules.

In addition, Adelin has extensive knowledge of Vendor Master Data, which enables him to efficiently manage supplier information and ensure accuracy in vendor records. This expertise is crucial in maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and minimizing errors in the procurement process.

One of Adelin's significant accomplishments is creating the Coupa Operation team at P&G. Through his leadership and guidance, Adelin was able to assemble a highly effective team that was able to optimize Coupa Operation in a seamless manner. This team was not responsible only for Operational topics but also for the successful implementation of Coupa e-Invoicing across multiple P&G business units, resulting in significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency, by increasing e-Invoicing from 10% to more than 60% after 2 years.

Overall, Adelin's expertise in Coupa Integration, Coupa Functional Design, Vendor Master Data Management, SAP, and team leadership make him a valuable asset to any organization looking to optimize their procurement processes and improve their overall business performance.

Adelin Apostu