Andrea Kolcunová

Business Integrity

Senior Associate | Attorney at Law

Andrea Kolcunová

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Praha 2

Česká republika

120 00

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Andrea joined attorneys-at-law of our law firm in 2023 when she became a member of the Business Integrity team. In her previous practice, she focused mainly on criminal law, obligations, and administrative law, including administrative offences. She has wealth of experience in defending persons accused of wide range of criminal activities in all stages of criminal proceedings. Within her criminal law expertise, Andrea focused not only on the preparation of complex defence strategies, including procedural submissions, but also assisted clients in acts of criminal proceedings, such as depositions, examinations, and recognitions.

She also represented clients at trials and participated in custody hearings. Andrea further expended her experience in the above-stated area during her tenure as an assistant judge of criminal law section of a first instance court, when she worked closely with judges of the section, participated in procedural acts and prepared court rulings, and was in charge of her own decision-making activities in the area not exclusively reserved for judges.

Andrea also deals in depth with whistleblowing issues, has assisted clients, for example, in the implementation of an internal whistleblowing system, has advised on the implementation of legal requirements into an existing whistleblowing solution and has experience in preparing internal directives and other documentation in this area.

Andrea Kolcunová