Kateřina Poddaná

Business Integrity | Commercial Law | IP Deloitte Legal

Managing Associate | Attorney at Law

Kateřina Poddaná

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Praha 2

Česká republika

120 00

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Kateřina Poddaná is a Manager in the Commercial department at Deloitte Legal in Prague. Currently, she focuses on the business development of multi-disciplinary cases with tax law overlaps and synergies in the delivery of legal and tax services. Kateřina works closely with attorneys-at-law across all of Deloitte Legal's professional teams to identify and grasp current legal issues.

She has long cooperated with the Business Integrity team on corporate governance & compliance screening projects.

Kateřina has been actively involved in corporate law, particularly in legal relations related to the functioning of companies, setting up appropriate internal structures of companies, and drafting or reviewing internal corporate documents and intellectual property aspects. Katerina has extensive experience in conducting due diligence in the automotive sector as well as in the real estate sector. She has been involved in many major restructuring projects.

Kateřina Poddaná