Supply chain management in the chemicals industry

Key challenges and how Deloitte can support

Employing more than 20 million people and with annual sales of almost $5 trillion, the world’s chemicals industry represents one of the largest interacting industries globally, delivering materials and substances to sectors such as agriculture, automotive, construction, and nutrition.

The chemicals market is currently undergoing transformation, so companies need to adapt their businesses, operating models and processes. Chemicals supply chain management will face new challenges as a result, but also new opportunities.

It is therefore critical to understand key developments in the chemicals market and the resulting impact for the individual supply chain. Only then will companies have the proper preparation to face these challenges and seize the opportunity to create long-term competitive advantage.

Supply chain management in the chemicals industry

Deloitte expert Dr. Wolfgang Falter, Global Chemicals & Specialty Materials Sector Lead, speaks about why Supply Chain Management in the chemicals industry becomes an increasingly competitive factor and differentiator.

Find out what our Deloitte expert Tim Berger, Senior Manager, recommends chemical companies in order to exceed customer expectations.

Deloitte expert Michael Petry, Senior Manager, speaks about how to succeed on local markets and how to avoid disadvantages compared to local players.

How to generate value from the supply chain instead of only reacting to market requirements? Find out what our Deloitte expert Michael Mertens, Manager, recommends.

Talking Supply Chain Management is all about competitiveness. So, how does Supply Chain Management contribute to the business over and beyond its fulfillment function? A key characteristic of using digital technologies is the significant decrease in transaction costs within the supply chain. Therefore, these technologies are particularly suitable to support customized products. However, it is important to not limit digitalization to technical aspects. As we suggest, the so-called Triple-Long-Tail©-strategy is at the heart of digital business models and supply chains. It generates value through individualized products and services as well as performance-based pricing. Using expedient big data analytics combined with deep chemicals industry knowledge enables a holistic approach to digital supply chain management.

Dr. Götz Wehberg, German Chemicals & Specialty Materials Consulting Lead at Deloitte

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