China Business Climate Survey 2019

Growth Continues Amid Heightened Uncertainty: Deloitte and AmCham China jointly released the 2019 China Business Climate Survey

This year's report reflects the diverse views of AmCham member companies across multiple major industries. The report covers an extensive range of topics including investment trends and prospects, innovation and intellectual property, the regulatory environment and the impact of tariffs and bilateral trade tensions. Most companies see continued revenue growth, albeit will less stellar performance than in the past few years. More than 60% of members still rank China as a top priority market despite trade tensions, as they continue to expect robust domestic consumption and a growing middle class, as well as further economic and market reforms, to bring unprecedented business opportunities. More globalized Chinese companies and increased outbound investment are expected to boost service sector growth.

On the downside, "bilateral tensions"— a new option in this year's survey—were seen by all sectors as one of the top challenges for businesses in China, coming after rising labor costs, and unclear laws and enforcement.

China Business Climate Survey Report 2019

In each year of the past two decades, the AmCham China's Business Climate Survey has taken the pulse of China's business environment. This year, Deloitte is pleased to have partnered with AmCham on the survey's data collection and in-depth analysis. Conducted between 13 November and 16 December 2018, the survey was sent to 771 AmCham China member company representatives, of which 314 completed most of the questions.