Deloitte Analytics Institute – Overview and Services

Data Science, Big Data Engineering, Data Visualization and the IDO*

The Deloitte Analytics Institute is a center of expertise operating at the intersection of business, science and technology. We develop and implement user centric analytics and big data solutions focused on clear impact for clients and stakeholders. From ideation to transformation, the Analytics Institute enables companies and institutions to become truly *insight driven organizations.

The Deloitte Analytics Institute is a unique accelerator to enable your business of tomorrow by leveraging the potential of Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Close collaboration with academia, business and technology enables us to provide you with innovative and cutting edge solutions to generate and increase measurable business benefits.

We believe in end-to-end enablement: From the joint identification of analytics opportunities aligned with strategic business goals, to the development of intelligent, cognitive systems and design of big-data architectures, to the implementation of innovative solutions and cutting-edge platforms. All with the spirit and quality of German engineering.

Deloitte Analytics Institute DAI unlocked big data

Experience your analytics potential

Combining expertise from Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Designers and Business Experts, we help our clients to derive value from Big Data & Analytics.
To rapidly deploy analytics solutions we support you as Think Thank and Accelerator on every step of your analytics journey and start right where you are:

1. Understanding | Lab Session

In interactive Analytics Lab Sessions, you learn about various opportunities and possible gains from advanced analytics methods and tools and how they can support you to achieve a variety of goals. Experience first hand how fast you can gain valuable insights from your data.

2. Discovery | Proof of Concept

Develop your specific analytics and big data use-cases together with our experts in design thinking workshops and quickly gain insights from a tailor made interactive prototype in a short period of time.

3. Action | Deployment & Enablement

Increase value-adding potentials by introducing innovative analytics and big data solutions to select business units, areas or even companywide, on your way to an Insight Driven Organization (IDO). We will support you as a strong partner, offering full-service analytics solutions.

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Select experience

Next best offer. Creating a holistic customer lifecycle management and providing sales agents with real-time recommendations on opportunities.

Predictive Maintenance. Avoiding unplanned downtime and moving towards smart factories to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Pay as you drive. Providing adequate safety coverage by scoring driving behavior to set the stage for new business cases.

Future of Mobility. Working closely with academic and governmental institutions, we develop innovative concepts regarding future traffic management and smart cities by drawing from our experience implementing platforms for connected cars.