Digital Maintenance Platform

Data-driven insights are helping asset-heavy Oil & Gas and Chemical companies to optimize technical reliability and maintenance cost in line with market needs.

Current situation

  • As plants become more complex and automation advances, maintenance requirements tend to increase. At the same time, growing competition puts pressure on maintenance costs. These costs can account for up to 30% of total operating costs in plant-intensive industries such as Oil & Gas or Chemicals.
  • Today, most companies focus their maintenance strategy and tactical decision-making on historical budgets rather than forward-looking quantitative insights.
  • What decision-makers are lacking is a risk-based tool that allows them to develop an asset management strategy as well as diagnostic and decision support for their typical challenges and day-to-day activities.
  • To increase competitiveness and optimize their maintenance costs, asset-heavy companies in the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries need to optimize the technical reliability of their assets in line with market needs.


Our approach

  • Deloitte is partnering with T.A. Cook, the leading specialist in asset performance management consulting, to jointly develop and market the Digital Maintenance Solution.
  • We have exclusive access to in-depth expertise on asset & maintenance management as well as extensive experience in the development and operations of Digital Solutions at both T.A. Cook and Deloitte
  • The user-friendly web-based digital solution we have developed focuses on improving excellence in maintenance planning using a data-driven approach to analytics.
  • We aim to use data-driven insights to navigate decision-making in the budget planning process and ensure transparent communications – all within a single tool.


Your benefit

  • While existing budgeting solutions fail to offer detailed engineering capabilities, existing engineering applications lack structured and efficient budgeting functionalities. A Demand-Driven Budgeting Tool as part of the Digital Maintenance Platform takes this issue head on. The solution stands out from other tools by integrating reliability engineering principles into a structured and transparent budgeting application – plus the user-friendly interface makes navigating through the tool very intuitive.
  • What can users expect? The solution offers numerous advantages. It enables reliable budget planning and therefore accurate cost forecasts. Users can align production and maintenance targets, optimize the maintenance budget based on availability requirements and risk analyses, and allocate a dedicated budget to all major equipment. Managers have the tools they need to identify areas of waste using benchmarks and key cost figures.
  • Each module of the Demand-Driven Budgeting solution is deeply focused on the customers’ individual situations, ensuring that they can reduce costs and increase availability throughout the implementation journey.