Drone EAM by Infor and Deloitte: How drones can accelerate the maintenance of industrial assets 

Innovative drone-assisted asset management solution

From shipyards, to oil platforms, to power stations, smart drones can integrate seamlessly into enterprise asset management (EAM) systems, bringing a new level of efficiency and safety to large-asset entities. With Infor and Deloitte’s new drone-assisted EAM technology, businesses can eliminate industry issues around the time, expense, and safety concerns of manual inspections. Instead, they can rely on more precise, real-time inspection data, saving costs in the short-term, maximizing equipment operations, and providing insights for more informed, strategic decision-making.

Industrial drones for simplified access from the sky

Large industries are challenged with finding workers and teams with the expertise to gather and report sophisticated maintenance data. Maintenance of an industry’s most valuable capital assets, from tanks to aircraft, also presents significant barriers in terms of locale and access. Yet the highest level of maintenance is needed to protect these valuable, expensive, and business-critical assets. Drone-assisted EAM provides guided, automated, IoT-driven inspections, transmitting real-time data to the EAM system to build both a timely maintenance plan, and a robust data repository for long-term analysis.

Drone-assisted EAM capitalizes on IoT, sensor technologies, and analytics, deploying autonomous aerial equipment that carries the digital documentation and analytical information for the piece of equipment to be inspected. Each drone can remain operational for hours, while workers that were previously deployed for inspections can now be redeployed to complete the crucial maintenance tasks needed to keep equipment operational and optimized. 

Infor and Deloitte have teamed up to bring you a new experience: Drone EAM

How drone-assisted asset management works

  • Drone EAM Command Center ensures each drone is flying safely and securely from takeoff to landing
  • Drone sensor data is sent to the EAM system, and includes input data such as color video, thermo video, LIDAR 3D data, and more
  • Photo analysis is conducted with the analysis app• The EAM system detects differences in data images over time, and can trigger alerts and alarms based on changes
  • Data gathered can be analyzed and used to generate preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance schedules

The view from above: A comprehensive end-to-end-solution

Drone-assisted EAM combines human intelligence, IoT, advanced drone, and EAM technology to provide a leading-edge EAM system that helps organizations manage evolving business needs. Whether it is operational growth, changing government regulations, or ongoing staffing challenges, data is stored for long-term retention, placed in a review queue for analysis for offline inspections, and also available for more strategic, future looking, analysis. Through its fully integrated and connected data exchange, data integrity is always maintained.

Drone-assisted EAM benefits: Visibility, insights, and operational excellence

Drone-assisted EAM:

  • protects asset performance and value, more effectively preventing asset breakdown, destruction of further assets, and destruction of other goods
  • promotes operational sustainability through automated real-time maintenance information that helps manage and optimize energy consumption, performance management, and usage patterns by asset
  • generates detailed reports to help businesses meet industry and governmental standards, as well as warranty and compliance requirements
  • automates real-time data capture and reporting, creating more trusted data sources across all functions
  • mitigates growing inspection costs in terms of labor and potential asset downtime, due to the increasing frequency of mandatory and non-mandatory inspections

For more information, please download the Drone-AEM brochure and get in touch with our experts.

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