IoT and IT Architecture

Creating the digital foundation for business model innovation in manufacturing

With an end-to-end view from idea to production to consumer, we work with our clients to build the digital foundation they need to embrace innovative manufacturing business models. We help manufacturing clients drive their digital transformation and integrate innovative IT technologies into their existing core business processes and systems, whether it is engineering or supply chain operations.

With our support, you will be able to conduct maturity assessments and analyze your status quo, shape your future digital manufacturing business model, collaborate on your target architecture and data strategy, derive an executable IT roadmap and choose the right software vendors. You can rely on Deloitte’s experts to design, build and roll out your PLM, MOM and data integration solutions including the SD-WAN and edge infrastructure. With our broad IoT platform expertise, we will help you build your product’s digital twin and get your enterprise ready for the digital ecosystem.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):

Across our entire consulting storefront, we support clients with a broad and deep PLM portfolio. Beginning with consulting at the C-suite level as well as our corporate strategy services, we will provide comprehensive support down to the final customized mouse click and technology integration. Thanks to our global network of experts, we can offer an outstanding skillset as well as a comprehensive toolbox of methods, tools, assets and standards to deliver the highest quality: no matter which domain in the product lifecycle is in spotlight.

Although today’s technology offers clients more potential than ever before, you need robust strategies in addition to new technologies to leverage all the benefits of state-of-the-art processes, methods and tools.

We are proud of our smart team across the globe. With more than 300 experts on board, we can tackle our clients’ challenges in every sector and help them make the most of their digital transformation journey, including current and future hot topics such as Internet of Things, digital twins, sustainability, compliance & governance, cloud transformation, collaboration, etc.

Deloitte’s global PLM portfolio helps our clients make the most of their digital transformation journey with professional services across the entire product lifecycle and beyond.

Smart Manufacturing Execution (MES):

The manufacturing industry has to offer more flexibility and efficiency than ever before to compete in today’s complex, fast-moving global market. Up-to-date digital shopfloor solutions can empower your organization to increase output, flexibility and transparency while reducing cycle times, quality non-compliance and scrap. With a digital shopfloor solution, you will be one step closer to both your financial and your sustainability goals.
Deloitte offers comprehensive services to support the digital transformation of your shopfloor: 

  • Digital shopfloor strategy
  • Process design that maximizes utility from the latest technology, e.g., advanced analytics
  • Customized digital production platforms
  • Selection and customization of standard MES
  • Global rollout and training for shopfloor applications

With more than 50 smart manufacturing experts in Deloitte Germany and over 1,800 experts globally, Deloitte has the expertise you need to master your shopfloor challenges and take your manufacturing to the next level. 
Visit us in one of our Smart Factories (Dusseldorf (Germany), Wichita, Kansas (US), Sheffield (UK), Kyoto (Japan)) to experience the future of manufacturing in an innovative and immersive environment. All of our Smart Factories offer workshops, deep dives and best practice use cases in the digital manufacturing space.

Enterprises that embrace the kind of state-of-the-art strategies and technologies that are redefining the digital landscape – and bringing them together on a single platform that is accessible for everyone – will be best positioned to meet the challenges ahead and unleash their full potential.

The Internet of Things (IoT):

We define the Internet of Things (IoT) as technology that connects devices to each other and to cloud services, in which data and configuration commands are transmitted via bidirectional links. IoT can help mechatronic systems become more efficient and user-friendly, dramatically improving access to their functions. To name just a few examples: an espresso machine can automatically notify service staff when coffee beans are running low or an autonomous vehicle can negotiate the right of way at an intersection and find a parking space with a charging station that will transmit its availability to the cloud via an intelligent sensor.IoT is enabling the smart city, the smart home and the smart factory to save resources and make logistics chains more robust and transparent, as well as facilitating digital ecosystems that make new kinds of services and customer relationships possible.At Deloitte, we work with you to develop and implement IoT-based business models from selecting suitable sensors, actuators and IoT edge devices with state-of-the-art real-time operating systems to securing cyber-secure and low-cost communication channels. Our services also include the design, implementation and operation of associated cloud and on-premises services using modern hyperscale platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud and contemporary agile development paradigms.

By combining IT and OT, you can create a dynamic, integrated network with high-velocity, continuous flows of information and analytics

Enabling Industry 4.0. - Infrastructure Consulting

With ever-increasing demands on infrastructure from internet-based solutions such as IoT and cloud systems, today’s networks are being put to the test. Deloitte will help you keep your infrastructure ahead of the latest standards, not only to keep up with the competition but also to drive innovation in your IT environment as well as your business model. Our Deloitte exports will support you with the following services:

  • SD-WAN
  • 5G
  • Network Optimization
  • SASE
  • Zero Trust Approach
  • Cloud & DC Strategy
  • Workspace Strategy

Deloitte is proud to have a pool of experienced experts around the world with a successful track record in enterprise network implementation projects for the industrial products and manufacturing industries. Together with our partners in network technology (Vodafone, NTT, Cisco, Silverpeak), we can develop the best solution for your enterprise.

New IoT and cloud applications are increasing the demands on today’s enterprise networks by 30 to 50% annually in terms of bandwidth, performance and functionality.

IoT & IT Architecture Strategy Offering:

The world has changed radically, especially in the last few years, and it continues to change today. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to fundamentally rethink your business models. We have identified four main areas of change our clients typically face:


Digitalization enables new business models focused on Assets as a Service (AaaS) in the cloud using technologies like IoT, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Production Costs

With globalization and the increase of available technology across the world, competition is increasing and manufacturers need to reduce their production costs to stay competitive.


Sustainability is one of the major threats facing business today, and it challenges us to rethink our vision for the future. Despite all its challenges, there is opportunity available to first movers or early adopters of sustainable business models. Data-driven companies are more successful in reducing their carbon footprint thanks to better insights.

Remote Working

In today’s world, companies are embracing new models of working, not least as a result of the pandemic. They need to introduce changes to their business model that enable employees to do more work remotely, which may also reduce costs in the medium to long-term.

To tackle these changes, Deloitte offers comprehensive support for your digital transformation, smart manufacturing strategy and strategic excellence:

  • Business Model Development
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Roadmap
  • Target Architecture Development
  • Data Strategy
  • Vendor Selection

The world is changing! Be part of the change and achieve strategic excellence with Deloitte’s Smart Manufacturing Strategy.

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