IoT and IT Architecture

Creating the digital foundation for business model innovation in manufacturing

With an end-to-end view from idea to production to consumer, we work with our clients to build the digital foundation they need to embrace innovative manufacturing business models. We help manufacturing clients drive their digital transformation and integrate innovative IT technologies into their existing core business processes and systems, whether it is engineering or supply chain operations.

With our support, you will be able to conduct maturity assessments and analyze your status quo, shape your future digital manufacturing business model, collaborate on your target architecture and data strategy, derive an executable IT roadmap and choose the right software vendors. You can rely on Deloitte’s experts to design, build and roll out your PLM, MOM and data integration solutions including the SD-WAN and edge infrastructure. With our broad IoT platform expertise, we will help you build your product’s digital twin and get your enterprise ready for the digital ecosystem.

Whitepaper: 360° OT Security Towards a Zero-incident Culture

The digitalization in production unfolds a huge potential for enabling innovative use cases and services for factories. At the same time, while the convergence of IT and OT unlocks new opportunities, it also exposes organizations to a evolving threat landscape, presenting significant challenges. Frequent cyber-attacks in OT environments exacerbate risks, emphasizing the need for robust OT security strategies to protect both information and human life while ensuring reliability and business continuity. Therefore we have introduced our 360° OT Security Framework, a holistic and comprehensive approach we have designed to empower our clients to achieve cyber resilience. The framework contains a structured approach to assess OT security vulnerabilities, specifiy and design solutions to resolve incidents and mitigate risks on a small scale before scaling up and operating the implemented solution centrally. Focusing on strategic and cultural aspects in this first edition of the three-part publication, we from Deloitte, as leading practice and trusted advisor for shop floor digitalization and transformation initiatives, offer insights into overcoming OT security challenges on the journey to digital transformation.

360° OT Security Towards a Zero-incident Culture

Deloitte Podcast Episode #19: Macs im Enterprise-Umfeld

Digital Workplace, Cyberangriffe, Mangel an Facharbeitern: In dieser Episode sind Oliver Ständert (IoT Strategy & IT Architecture) und Sarah Krüger (Digital Workplace und Mac) von Deloitte in der Smart Factory zu Gast und sprechen mit Cansin Terporten darüber, wie Macs Unternehmen in unserer veränderten Arbeitswelt kosteneffizienter und sicherer machen.

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Advanced Planning

Whether for operational, tactical, or strategic decisions advanced planning capabilities are becoming essential across all industries. We help organizations to integrate planning solutions into complex business processes within manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and workforce management. To be able to respond to changing circumstances and achieve their long-term goals, we help our clients deploy state-of-the-art planning solutions to ensure their readiness for future challenges. Either on-premise, hybrid, or cloud. Furthermore, we offer our expertise to guide you through the journey of related changes with integrating advanced planning systems.

Our service portfolio combines the following competence areas:

  • Cloud integration
  • Customization
  • DevOps
  • Project management
  • Operations
  • Reporting & BI 

Smart Manufacturing Execution:

The manufacturing industry has to offer more flexibility and efficiency than ever before to compete in today’s complex, fast-moving global market. Up-to-date digital shopfloor solutions can empower your organization to increase output, flexibility, and transparency while reducing cycle times, quality non-compliance and scrap. With a digital shopfloor solution, you will be one step closer to both your financial and your sustainability goals.
Deloitte offers comprehensive services to support the digital transformation of your shopfloor: 

  • Digital shopfloor strategy
  • Process design that maximizes utility from the latest technology, e.g., advanced analytics
  • Customized digital production platforms
  • Selection and customization of standard MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Global rollout and training for shopfloor applications

With more than 50 smart manufacturing experts in Deloitte Germany and over 1,800 experts globally, Deloitte has the expertise you need to master your shopfloor challenges and take your manufacturing to the next level. 

Visit us in one of our Smart Factories in Dusseldorf (Germany), Wichita (Kansas/US), Sheffield (UK) or Kyoto (Japan) to experience the future of manufacturing in an innovative and immersive environment. All our Smart Factories offer workshops, deep dives and best practice use cases in the digital manufacturing space.

Learn more about the new cloud-based MES here.

Enterprises that embrace the kind of state-of-the-art strategies and technologies that are redefining the digital landscape – and bringing them together on a single platform that is accessible for everyone – will be best positioned to meet the challenges ahead and unleash their full potential.

The Internet of Things (IoT):

We define the Internet of Things (IoT) as technology that connects devices to each other and to cloud services, in which data and configuration commands are transmitted via bidirectional links. IoT can help mechatronic systems become more efficient and user-friendly, dramatically improving access to their functions. To name just a few examples: an espresso machine can automatically notify service staff when coffee beans are running low, or an autonomous vehicle can negotiate the right of way at an intersection and find a parking space with a charging station that will transmit its availability to the cloud via an intelligent sensor.

IoT is enabling the smart city, the smart home, and the smart factory to save resources, and make logistics chains more robust and transparent, as well as facilitating digital ecosystems that make new kinds of services and customer relationships possible. At Deloitte, we work with you to develop and implement IoT-based business models from selecting suitable sensors, actuators and IoT edge devices with state-of-the-art real-time operating systems to securing cyber-secure and low-cost communication channels. Our services also include the design, implementation and operation of associated cloud and on-premises services using modern hyperscale platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud and contemporary agile development paradigms.

By combining IT and OT, you can create a dynamic, integrated network with high-velocity, continuous flows of information and analytics

IoT & IT Architecture Managed Shop Floor IT/OT

Over the past few decades, OT assets on the shop floor have evolved into integrated control units, with complex computing requirements in terms of hardware, software, and services. The increased level of system integration of OT technology, along with shadow IT on the shop floor, also leads to a high level of cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. At the same time, IT and OT groups often have conflicting objectives and cultures, requiring a focus on organizational aspects within Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Strategy & Consulting

We create holistic OT strategies by deploying state-of-the-art technology and providing best-in-class project management methodologies. We provide end-to-end consultancy to guide you through your own managed shop floor journey.


The main purpose of the assessment is to gain a holistic view of your plants globally. You achieve transparency by gaining an overview of global and potential security risks that were previously undetected. The newfound transparency serves as the foundation for a unified, standardized roadmap alignment and enables you to plan investments for future innovation potential.


We create the organizational framework in which your people, processes, and technologies work together to implement the defined OT strategy. A key success factor is our collaborative approach to addressing business requirements at the shop floor level while considering IT policy and governance frameworks.

Service Management

We provide tool-agnostic consulting for managing shop floor environments through the delivery of digital services. This includes the management of manufacturing assets at all perdue levels, from manufacturing robot to IT equipment and server-based systems.

Shop Floor Security

Together with our clients, we develop an appropriate OT security model from proven building blocks with appropriate processes, vendors, and a comprehensive implementation roadmap. Our main goal is to enable our clients to identify risks, detect and assess threats, and protect the operation of their assets in the event of an emergency with a profound disaster recovery plan.


We create a reliable collaboration model and service specification through up to date, maintained OTSM instances. Improving service quality goes beyond "keeping the lights on" by enabling continuous process improvement and fostering innovative capabilities.

Infrastructure Advisory

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the strategic significance of infrastructure cannot be over-stated. It serves as the backbone of a digitized and productive industry, while also acting as the founda-tion for transformative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. At Deloitte, we empower businesses to revolutionize their IT environment and business model by guiding you in six directions on your journey to an improved and digitalized business:

  1. Enterprise Networks: Network requirements are growing rapidly in today's fast-paced digital environment, increasing at 30-50% per year. Surprisingly, 45% of IT managers report being challenged by inadequate application performance. From sending emails to storing large amounts of data in the cloud, the 21st century company, with all its employees, devices, and applications, relies on fast, secure, and stable network connections. Our expertise helps enabling seamless information exchange, streamlined business processes, and valuable insights from online footprints in an agile and flexible way. With leading-edge offers like Network Optimization, SASE, 5G, and SD-WAN, we ensure your network is aligned with your specific business objectives.
  2. OT INF: Embracing Operational Technology (OT) can drive a 10% to 30% surge in efficiency and productivity for businesses. However, in today's complex manufacturing environments, standardization through digitalization is often elusive, potentially impacting productivity across the entire organization. With our IT for OT solutions and Sensors and Signals offerings, we create a connected and efficient ecosystem, fostering synergies and delivering quality. From automating manufacturing processes to finding faults in the production set up through real-time data analysis, the goal is to achieve a higher degree of productivity, improved quality, and increased standardization. Our expertise enables companies to establish an environment that meets and exceeds industry standards, driving sustainable success.
  3. Modern Workspace: In the wake of the global pandemic, the demand for remote working has risen by an unprecedented 50%, placing greater emphasis on creating a workspace that inspires and motivates employees. At Deloitte, we understand the significance of equipping your workforce with sophisticated technologies and tools. Our unique digital consulting services (Digital Office Transformation and Macintosh for Enterprises) combine strategic vision with unparalleled technological expertise. With an unwavering focus on employee productivity, we enable a customized workplace integration for each of our clients.
  4. Data center transformation: As we approach 2025, a staggering 70% of organizations without a formal data center transformation strategy will face challenges in executing their digital business strategies. For example, in the currently established set-ups not all traditional data centers were designed to harness the power of cloud computing. To secure a sustainable competitive advantage and protect your IT infra-structure from potential disasters, cyber-attacks, and disruptions, modernizing your data centers is critical. As experts in helping organizations on their IT infrastructure journey, our expertise in Cloud Strategy & Migration and Disaster Recovery unlocks the full potential of your organization's capabilities, delivering improved performance and unparalleled efficiency.
  5. INF security: In 2021, cybercrime is expected to cost the world $6 trillion annually1 , while 68% of business leaders expressed concerns over the mounting cybersecurity risks they face2. Deloitte emphasizes the importance of infrastructure security, which protects an organization's IT infrastructure from unauthorized access, data breaches, and security threats. We focus on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, while protecting against financial loss and reputational damage by implementing state-of-the-art solutions like ZT NAC, ZT Remote Access, and Cyber Resilience.
  6. Strategy, Sustainability & Cost Optimization: Studies have shown that more than three-quarters (76%) of companies with a clear strategy are  more likely to achieve above-average profitability and add value for their stakeholders3. In particular, prioritizing cost optimization can deliver cost savings up to 20%, while developing strong sustainability practices is highly correlated with outperforming your peers financially and achieving higher stock market returns. We are committed to helping you develop and implement a strategic approach that differentiates you from the competition by taking a broader, more holistic approach to improving your IT infrastructure. From quick wins to large-scale transformations, we offer tailored frameworks and approaches to improve cost inefficiencies and resource flows while fostering innovation in your organization.


New IoT and cloud applications are increasing the demands on today’s enterprise networks by 30 to 50% annually in terms of bandwidth, performance and functionality.

IoT & IT Architecture Strategy Offering:

The world has changed radically, especially in the last few years, and it continues to change today. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to fundamentally rethink your business models. We have identified four key areas of change that our clients typically face:


Digitalization enables new business models focused on Assets as a Service (AaaS) in the cloud, using technologies such as IoT, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Production Costs

With globalization and the increase of available technology around the world, competition is increasing, and manufacturers need to reduce their production costs to stay competitive.


Sustainability is one of the major threats facing business today, challenging us to rethink our vision for the future. Despite all its challenges, there are opportunities available for first movers or early adopters of sustainable business models. Data-driven companies are more successful in reducing their carbon footprint thanks to better insights.

Remote Working

In today’s world, companies are embracing new ways of working, not least as a result of the pandemic. They need to introduce changes to their business model that enable employees to do more work remotely, which may also reduce costs in the medium to long-term.

To tackle these changes, Deloitte offers comprehensive support for your digital transformation, smart manufacturing strategy and strategic excellence:

  • Business Model Development
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Roadmap
  • Target Architecture Development
  • Data Strategy
  • Vendor Selection

The world is changing! Be part of the change and achieve strategic excellence with Deloitte’s Smart Manufacturing Strategy.

1 Morgan, Steve (2020): “Cybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025”, zuletzt abgerufen am 20.07.2023.

2 Cybernet Evolution (2023): “68% of surveyed business leaders feel that cybersecurity risks are getting worse”,  zuletzt abgerufen am 20.07.2023.

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