Digital Finance Lab

Get there faster

This digital world is here. The question is, how will your finance function respond?

There is so much data and possibility within that data that humans cannot do anything with it without more potent digital tools. Buried in the data are answers to questions we want to know, as well as the questions that we don’t even know to ask.

Deloitte’s Digital Finance labs immerse finance leaders in the future realities of digital disruption.

Throughout the lab, you will be led through a series of exercises to help unpack your aspirations, discover finance in a digital world, begin exploring possible applications, and inspire you to change the way you think about digital finance.

The Transformation Driver


The Experience

A half day to build an understanding of the digital future:

    Identify the organizational aspirations for your finance function in 2020
    Uncover the picture of what the future of finance functions could look like for your organization
    Immerse in the latest tools, thought leadership, and points of view to inspire new ways of thinking digitally
    Understand the latest insights to identify potential applications to your finance function
    Identify points of interest and inspiration from the group to gain a collective commitment to future exploration of finance in a digital world

The Game Changer Technologies


So, how do I know I`m ready to dive in?

To successfully be prepared for finance in a digital world, it’s important to be proactive, because capitalizing on current opportunities will be the gateway to advancement in the future. If the following questions keep you up at night, let’s find some answers together!

How can digital finance “game-changers” enable me to:

  • Prepare for the reality of finance’s role in a digital world, and to stay relevant and competitive?
  • Be a better business partner and respond to the organization’s needs in a more strategic way?
  • Explore new technologies that are available to help drive down costs and free up time for strategic activities?
  • Identify opportunities to automate my finance ecosystem and make my processes more efficient?
  • Manage, analyze, and forecast data and implement tools for more accuracy today and in the future?
  • Reimagine Finance to think big and start matching disruptive technology against my biggest problems and challenges?

For more information on Digital Finance Labs contact:

Rolf Epstein

Rolf Epstein

Leader CFO Program, Germany

Rolf Epstein ist seit 2000 Partner und verantwortet das CFO Program von Deloitte in Deutschland. Darüber hinaus koordiniert er die Aktivitäten weiterer CXO Programme sowie den Private Sector für Consu... Mehr

Arnd Lawrenz

Arnd Lawrenz

Director | Finance & Performance

Arnd Lawrenz ist Director in der Service Line Finance & Performance im Bereich Enterprise Performance. Er verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Beratungserfahrung bei großen, internationalen Konzernen (DAX, ... Mehr