Deloitte Smart Contract Analytics Services

Deloitte’s Smart Contract Analytics (SCA) helps making contract reviews faster, more accurate, and at a significantly lower price. We realize these improvements by offering our clients automated classification, recognition, and analysis of documents of any kind. Contract clauses, paragraphs, provisions, specific phrases, and relevant passages of text are extracted and made ready for further (automated) processing and/or review by Deloitte legal/subject-matter experts. Automated contract analysis sets itself apart from traditional contract review, which is a largely manual process, prone to errors, and characterized by an inherent subjectivity and lack of transparency. By leveraging a combination of AI/machine-learning and expert knowledge, Smart Contract Analytics accelerates document reviews significantly and therefore saves time and costs. There are hardly any limitations in terms of number of contracts to be reviewed (the more the better) and types of languages.

Smart Contract Analytics (SCA)

A state of the art AI based technology for fast-paced contracts processing and analysis, utilizing Deloitte’s unique capabilities and experience in managing complex tasks

Your advantages

≠ Speed

  • Fast paced – hardly any manual processing
  • Limitless scalable resources
  • Global Deloitte network facilitates processes 24x7/365

≠ Security

  • Deloitte data center in Germany and two-factor authentication
  • Client on premise solutions 
  • Maximum objectivity and error reduction vs. manual review

≠ Certification

  • Utilization of Deloitte’s global network of lawyers and subject matter experts
  • Legally compliant certifications of the analyses carried out

≠ One-stop

  • Seamlessly integratable into Deloitte’s infrastructure and your individual project requirements 
  • Reduction of number of 3rd parties involved in decisive business situations


Our service offering

≠ Contract Clause Analysis

  • Identification and automated tagging and extraction of specific clauses, wordings, and paragraphs (e.g. change of control, forensic topics).

≠ Risk & Compliance Management 

  • Identification and automated tagging of business-specific risk patterns (e.g. animal testing in the cosmetics industry)

≠ Spent Analysis

  • Identification and automated tagging and extraction of duplicate contracts (e.g. indirect purchasing)

≠ Redaction (GDPR, Competitive Reg.)

  • Identification and automated redaction of competitive sensitive information and/or information with regard to GDPR requirements

Smart Contract Analysis

Assemble and review documents, identify relevant information and extract data for analysis for 1000 of documents.

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Michael Dornauer 

Senior Manager, Financial Advisory in Germany


Alexander Stickler 

Senior Manager, Financial Advisory in Germany

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Michael Dornauer

Michael Dornauer

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