Credit Bulletin 1/2019


Credit Bulletin 2/2019

July 2019

The second Credit Bulletin 2019 contains a selection of Deloitte-publications with relevance to the credit business, securitisation, credit treasury, asset based finance, structured finance, DCM et al. Various articles are available in German and English, the articles from the international Deloitte-network are in English.


  • STS securitisation: homogeneity of the portfolio
    Delegated regulation published
  • Derivatives trade lifecycle
    The future of post-trade
  • KIRB for purchased receivables in securitisations
    Final EBA Draft 
  • Credit Pool Tokeniser
    Using blockchain technology and smart contracts to enhance securitisation transactions
  • Verbriefungen
    BaFin-Konsultation zur Konkretisierung der STS-Kriterien
  • Taking aim at climate risk
    Banks can no longer ignore
  • The European securitisation framework
    Tackling challenges together
  • Gorilla deals
    Shaking up the alternative lending market
  • Deloitte becomes climate bond approved verifier
    Certification of green bonds
  • 2019 Global Blockchain Survey
  • Credit Bulletin 1/2019
    April 2019
  • Future secondary markets for NPLs
    EU Council´s proposal 
  • Deloitte on Global ABS
    Barcelona, 11 – 13 June
  • Avoiding the Impending Storm
    Financial Risks from Climate Change
  • Notleidende und gestundete Risikopositionen
    Erweiterte Berichterstattung
  • Impediments to resolution
    Bail-in of debt owed to retail-customers
  • IDW zu Pauschalwertberichtigungen nach HGB
    IDW ERS BFA 7 im Entwurf
  • Digital platforms and ecosystems
    World Economic Forum & Deloitte
  • Minimum loss coverage for non-performing exposures
    NPL backstops adopted
  • Solvent wind-down of banks
    Gearing up
  • NPL Regulierung von verschiedensten Seiten
    Überblick behalten im Dschungel


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