Credit Bulletin 3/2018

October 2018

The third Credit Bulletin 2018 contains a selection of Deloitte-publications with relevance to the credit business, securitisation, credit treasury, asset based finance, structured finance, DCM et al. Various articles are available in German and English, the articles from the international Deloitte-network are in English.


  • CRD V and CRR II
    Der neue regulatorische Rahmen
  • Fintech by the numbers
    Incumbents, startups and investors adapt to fintech evolution
  • Homogeneity of STS securitisation’s portfolios
    EBA specifies
  • How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial ecosystem
    The new physics of financial services
  • Modernizing transaction banking
    Service externalization and the right technology portfolio
  • New Euro short-term benchmark rate
    Private sector recommends ESTER
  • KIRB for purchased receivables
    EBA Draft regarding SEC-IRBA for securitisations
  • New Means of Financing
    Status quo of direct lending, summer 2018
  • Credit Bulletin 2/2018
    The CBB for the second quarter of 2018
  • Crunch Time IV: Blockchain fir Finance
    A series digital transformation in Finance
  • Crowdlending
    Was sagt der Mittelstand?
  • NPL Sales
    New EBA Templates
  • Is there a market for European Secured Notes?
    The EBA’s assessment of 26 June 2018
  • Securitisation reporting (COREP)
    Consultation on new ITS
  • NPL and forborne exposures reporting (FINREP)
    Consultation on new ITS

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